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Are Self Storage Units Too Expensive?


For many people who consider self storage, they start their research and find that the prices are a bit more than what they would expect. Many people go into this idea thinking that the unit is going to cost $20 or so per month. In reality, this can be anywhere from $40 to over $100 per month, depending upon several factors that affect the cost of a storage unit. What many people are starting to believe is that self storage is simply too expensive. However, that is not really the case.

While the unit may cost a bit each month, you have to look at the various other variables in this situation and really weigh the options that you have. When a person does this, they often find that self storage is the least expensive option and also the option that is going to save their sanity!

How to Look at the Cost of a Self Storage Unit

Before you decide that self storage units are too expensive and that you are simply going to let this idea go, consider these viewpoints:

  1. Can you really put a price on the happiness that you may get when putting those extra items into a storage unit? A clutter free home can ensure that you are relaxing and simply enjoying your space without the clutter. Can you put a price on this? If not, then the price that these self storage units charge you is really worth it in the end for a clutter free and relaxing home.
  2. What are you paying for rent or your mortgage on your home? Consider what it would cost to add a room onto your home if this is an option. Now, look at the price of a storage unit. In most cases, you will find that this is greatly cheaper than having to add a room onto a house that you are paying a mortgage on. And for those who are renting, adding more space is out of the question. Change your mindset and think of a self storage unit as an extension of your home rather than a square unit that you may be renting. When you do this, you will find that compared to an addition on your home, a storage unit can SAVE you money.
  3. For those who have businesses, whether they are at home businesses or out in the community, there is always business stock that is laying around the office. This can make you look unprofessional. Change this with self storage units, and it may even add to your company's bottom line. When you consider whether options you have, such as storing these business items at home or throwing these away knowing that you may need them again, self storage is the smarter, and more affordable, option.
  4. There are several times in which storage units are used for those items that are too sentimental to let go, yet they are really not usable today. For many people the very act of getting rid of these items, such as donating these or giving them away, can make them nervous and regretful. If you put these items into storage units, it is typically well worth it. You will find that storage units allow you to keep those items that you love yet put these in a place in which you will not have to be stepping over these each time you go into a room of your home. 
  5. Self storage prevents you from having regrets later. Many people get older and wish that they had kept a few items that did hold some sentimental value to them. However, they ran out of room in their home and they gave these items away, put them in a yard sale or even donated them. Once this is done, those items are gone forever. The regret that these can cost you later in life dramatically offsets the cost of paying for self storage each month!

Self Storage is a Money Saver

Here at Smart Self Storage, we look at self storage as though this is going to save you money. And it can also dramatically improve your quality of life. When you look at the financial and emotional cost that need to be factored into this decision, self storage is the way to go. It is often cheaper than what people realize when they start to look at this from a different viewpoint.

If you are in the California area and are looking for self storage options, don't forget to check us out at Smart Self Storage. We offer a one-year price guarantee on whatever self storage unit you need, along with other amenities that can make it easier than ever to declutter your home or your business! 

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