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Home Remodel? Consider Self Storage


Tired of your small kitchen? Do you see yourself walking through an open floor plan in your living room? Sometimes we find things around our home that we want to tweak or make better. It's totally normal to want to make your home fit your personal style. When you and your spouse sit down and talk about it finally being time to get that home remodel you've been dreaming about it can be a really exciting time. But it can also be a really stressful time. From the clutter, to you losing access to parts of your home, remodeling can leave you questioning how your home will ever be whole again. But we want to tell you how we can help ease that stress a bit. If you're remodeling your home and wondering what to do with all of your precious items Smart Self Storage has a great solution. Here's how to leverage self storage to make your next remodel project a huge success.

Move Your Belongings Out of the Way

It's so much easier to work on an empty room than it is to work on a room filled with furniture and personal possessions. Using a self storage unit to rid the area you are remodeling of your belongings is a really important part to streamlining the remodeling process. Not only does it give you peace of mind knowing your belongings are safely tucked away in a unit and not at risk for damage, it also gives the workers in your home freedom to walk around and work without worrying about tripping over furniture or damaging them. You're going to want make sure you give your workers and contractors as much room as possible to work, especially with the amount of tools and accessories your workers are going to be carrying in and out of your home. No one wants to be stepping over vases or trying to dodge your floor lamp while working.

Protect Your Belongings From Debris

You already know how much work is going to go into making your remodeling project a success, which means you know that paint drips, dust, and dirt is going to be a common thing once the process actually starts, all of which can and will cause damage to your personal belongings. While using drapes and covers to protect furniture and home objects can be done, they don't always ensure that your items will be free from damage. Paint could possibly bleed onto your couch, and falling chunks of plaster could break an object in its path.

Reduce Possibility of Theft

While we all put faith in the people we work with having your home remodeled does put your home at risk for theft, especially when you aren't at home to supervise. Renting a self storage unit allows you to reduce those risks and ensure that your items are securely kept in your possession.

Easy Renting Process

Have you ever rented a self storage unit before? If you haven't then you'll be happily surprised by how easy it is. Self storage facilities offer month-to-month options which means you only have to pay for the months you actually use your unit for. You don't have to worry about a long-term commitment or only being able to use the unit for a short period of time. You can go into your home remodel knowing you'll be able to get your belongings out of the way for as long as needed.

Self storage also allows you easy access to your items, especially when you pick a facility in a convenient location. Features at most modern facilities include, computerized gate access, on-site management, 24-hour surveillance, and a variety of features that'll ensure you that you were smart in choosing self storage to house your belongings. You also get a wide variety of unit sizes to choose from. So if you need to store a whole living room set, you can.


Self storage units offer you the space you need when you have no space in your home. During a remodel you're only concern should be getting the look you want in the time frame you agreed on with your contractor. With a self storage unit you are able to access your facility when you want, even on the weekends, and on most holidays. However, you can't just go choosing any self storage facility. You want to make sure that the facility you choose is equipped with modern features and technology and has great customer service.

Whether your home remodel is going to last six months or six days self storage is the perfect way to get your remodel done with the worry of damage to your belongings. So stop coming up with excuses for not getting the remodel you want and let us help you make your home your dream home. Smart Self Storage is here to help, please contact us today!

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