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How To Find The Cheapest Self Storage Units


When you are searching for a self storage unit, chances are you want to find the cheapest one that is available. After all, you are just storing those items that you no longer use or need to declutter your home and they are just in the area. With this being said, we want to help you to get the best price that is out there as well!

How to Search

In order to get the best price that is out there for a self storage unit, be sure to start looking in your local area via an Internet search. You can search terms such as "self storage units near (location)". You will find that this often gives you a list of what storage units are available near you. 
Once you have this list, then start to compare the prices. A great tip: look for those older units that are out there as they are often cheaper. Write down the prices and the size of these units that they are offering. Which one is the cheapest?

Why Cheaper is Not Always Better

Before you jump on that cheap self storage unit, remember this: cheaper is not always better! Too many times people choose the cheapest self storage unit that they can find, and they are let down when this is not what they expected. This can happen to anyone, that is why it is important to remember that you may not want to base your decision on price alone.

There are several other factors that you are going to want to consider. These factors include:

  1. Is the self storage unit one that is secure? You don't want to leave your belongings in a facility that is known for break in issues and the like.
  2. Do you have the option for climate control? Remember, many older facilities were built before this was an option. You have to decide whether this is something that you are okay with or not.
  3. Does this storage unit really meet your individual needs? Too many times we see people who choose a cheaper option simply because it is cheaper, yet it really does not fit their needs at all. When you do this, chances are you going to be trying to find another unit within a few weeks because it is not fitting your needs.
  4. Does the storage facility provide personable, friendly on-site managers? (Even better: Does the facility offer a management team that lives on site?) At Smart Self Storage, we believe that customer service is everything. We strive to truly delight our customers.
  5. Is the storage facility financially sound? Perhaps the rates are too good to be true? It's always important to perform due diligence when storing your important items at a self storage facility. Smart Self Storage has many decades of operational excellence. We take great pride in our stability and long-term approach.

Why waste your time with the wrong unit because it is cheaper? It is much easier on you and cheaper in the long run to choose the unit based on what it offers for your unique needs rather than the price tag it has.

When you utilize Smart Self Storage, you know that quality is at the top of our list on what we provide our customers. We want everyone to be happy, we love our customers and we love the communities that we serve. It is this commitment that is hard to come by with other facilities and what you may miss if you were to choose the first facility that you find.

Can You Save Money with Storage Units?

Is there a way that you can save money on the storage unit that you are purchasing? We cannot speak for every storage facility that is out there. However, at Smart Self Storage we do have a few ways to save a bit of money when you are renting a unit from us.

Our first is the Price Guarantee that we offer for one years after you get the storage unit of your choice. Our promise to you is that this price will not increase on you for at least a year. Many other facilities increase prices periodically, and in the end the person often finds that they pay is substantially more. This is something that we aim to avoid.

Secondly, we do offer specials throughout the year. If you can take advantage of one of the specials that we are offering you can save some money. This is going to vary according to each location of storage units that we have. The easiest way to determine what specials are being offered is to check with our website and select the location that you are interested in. For example:

  • At our Arroyo Parkway Self Storage we are offering a 50% off first two months on selected units coupon (as of 8/9/18)
  • We are offering a free truck to use for moving ins at most locations if the truck is present and accounted for
  • We are offering a 50% off first full month of rent for students at Los Angeles Self Storage (as of 8/9/18)

As you can tell, the specials that we offer can save you money and they change frequently to allow everyone to get the best value that is possible. 
Remember, just because a storage unit is cheaper, does not mean that this is the better deal. You must factor in the location, the safety of the area, and what you are getting to determine if this is right for you or not. More than anything, make sure to factor in customer service in your buying decision! Regardless of your choice, we want you to find the right self storage unit for you!

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