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How To Keep Your Self Storage Unit Dust-Free


Dust is a part of life. No matter what you do, you are going to have dust in areas of your home. And while you may not think about it, self storage units are going to have dust collect in the unit as well. For those who do not prepare properly this could mean having to deal with dusty furniture and belongings. Can dust ruin your items? While dust may not ruin some items, it could be making the cleaning process that much more difficult. And in some cases, linens or cloth that is attacked by dust could start to smell and eventually be thrown out because the dust is simply too thick to wash out. So, what can you do? We have a few tips that will help against your dust battle in your storage unit.

Clean Items Going into Storage

Give all the items that are going into your storage unit a good cleaning before they go in here. You will be surprised at how much this can help to battle the dust that they may pick up while sitting in storage. Use a product specifically designed to help keep dust from sticking to your belongings. For those items that require more of a deep cleaning, be sure that you are doing this as well! Many people find that cleaning with a water vinegar solution is a great way to deep clean, while also ensuring that dust does not stick to these in the upcoming future. However, just because you use a dusting solution this does not mean that you are protected for years to come in storage!

Cover Larger Items

Covering larger items (such as furniture) in your self storage unit minimizes the probability of dust that is getting onto them. A good idea is to use tarps that are cloth. These cloth tarps are going to keep the dust from collecting on the item, while also being a soft surface with no chances of this scratching or otherwise damaging the item. You can use plastic tarps, but most people find that this wear down over time, leading to holes that dust can get into. Plus, they are not very soft, and they could potentially scratch those more sensitive items. You can even use old blankets if you have a lot of these on hand.

Many people take the time to wrap those larger items with a plastic wrap. This can be an option, and it can keep larger items from getting knicked in the process of moving these into the storage unit. (Bonus tip: If you are storing a mattress, make sure to ask one of our friendly managers about specially designed mattress protectors.) Find the best solution for you and what supplies you have on hand to make this work for you!

Purchase Containers

For those smaller items that you are putting into storage, don't just leave these on shelves. Put these into containers like a Sterlite or other branded container. These plastic containers are going to ensure that dust does not penetrate the item and become an issue. However, be sure that when you are placing these smaller items into a tote box or the like that you are taking the time to wrap these well. This will not only add another barrier to the dust, but it can protect these items from getting broken.

Open Your Unit from Time to Time

Almost everyone has been in a location in which the dust takes over. Not only is there dust on the belongings that are in the area, but it smells of dust. That old, stall smell can be avoided in a storage unit if you decide to open this up from time to time to let in the fresh air and sunshine. For those who choose to go with climate-controlled self storage units, they may still want to open this up from time to time to avoid that stall smell.

If you are looking for some more tips to avoid the dust and the smell that accompanies this in your self storage unit, be sure to talk with our branch managers. They are storage expects and may have some advice that can help you!

Dust is not something that goes away or disappears. It is a never-ending battle. However, with these tips when and if you get your items out of self storage, they are going to be in decent shape, requiring minimal dusting. A bonus tip: if you are getting your items out of storage, before moving these into your home, be sure to wipe these with a dust wipe so that you are not taking any specks of dust with you!

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