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Is Climate Controlled Self Storage Right for You?


Has your home become too cramped? Do you find that your belongings have outgrown your home? Do you live in a small space that is just busting at the seams with all of your favorite belongings you just don't want to get rid of? We get it. But when it gets to that point your home can feel awfully small and unorganized. Which can sometimes drive you a bit crazy (been there, done that). No one likes feeling cramped in their home - and we don't think you should - which is why we think it's time you freed up some space in that home of yours and give yourself a bit more freedom.

How do we Suggest Doing This? That's an Easy Answer - Self Storage

Self storage is a great way to extend your home by giving you a place to store the items in your home that you just don't have space for at that moment. However, there are some things that you can't just store in a simple unit. Some items belong in a climate controlled unit.

What's a climate controlled unit? A climate controlled or air conditioned unit, is a unit that has a regulated temperature and a set humidity level. This makes storing valuable items easier, and creates less of a risk of damage.

Climate controlled units have become increasing popular in the last couple of years and allow customers to store their items in a place that they know will keep their belongings free from damage and maintain their original structure.

Sports equipment, bedding, metal appliances, and books all belong in a unit that has regulated temperatures. Why? Well, temperature extremes can be harsh on items like these. Anything from wood to leather to paper can be susceptible to being warped, torn, or cracked if not in certain climates. Storage units that are climate controlled reduce this risk and allow for your items to remain as well maintained as possible.

If you live in the south or west then you know how scorching summers can be. If you live in the north then winters are known for being quite brutal. Even though your items may be stored indoors the outside weather can still effect the items in your unit if the unit's temperature isn't regulated.

Here are a few other reasons you might consider getting a climate controlled self storage unit:

Protect Your Belongings

Delicate fabrics and paper, electronics, wood furniture, vinyl records all belong in a climate controlled unit. Don't risk damage to your belongings when there's an easier answer.

Protection from Humidity

Humidity can cause serious damage to some items. It can cause photos to stick to each other, wood furniture to distort, and anything leather to crack. Luckily, most units that are climate controlled have humidity levels that are around the 55% mark.

No Temperature Extremes

Like we said, in certain areas of the country temperatures can get pretty extreme. These temperature extremes are far from good for certain items you may keep in storage. Plus if you're the type of person to collect things you want to ensure your collection is intact when you return to it. Having control over the temperature in your unit makes for less damage and less of a headache later on.

The purpose of getting a self storage unit in the first place is to have a place to store your belongings that'll keep them safe and protected. If you don't have that piece of mind that your vinyl records will be safe in the hot California summers then what's the point of storing your items anyway?

Fortunately, Smart Self Storage offers three locations in California that offer climate controlled units. All feature what you have come to love about Smart Self Storage and more.

Arroyo Parkway Self Storage

Located in Pasadena, California Arroyo Parkway Self Storage is a leader among Pasadena self storage locations. 50% of Arroyo Parkway's new customers come from referrals or repeat customers - which is saying a great deal about the quality of the facility and exceptional customer service Arroyo Parkway provides. Arroyo Parkway Self Storage offer climate controlled units, and large elevators. The facility also offers covered ground floor loading for those rainy days.

Lakewood Self Storage

Lakewood Self Storage is a proud Lakewood business. As a leader among Lakewood storage locations Lakewood Self Storage offers a free truck and driver for move in, three ways to access the property, air conditioned units, and a full-service elevator. Lakewood offers a wide variety unit sizes that can all be accessed through the ground floor, elevator, or through drive-up. What’s more, 40% of Lakewood Self Storage's existing customers have been with the facility for three years or longer.

Los Angeles Self Storage

Located in the heart of downtown L.A., Los Angeles Self Storage offers air conditioned units, ground floor access, and is a controlled access facility. 40% of the new customers that come through Los Angeles Self Storage comes from referrals and repeat customers. LASS also offers a free truck and driver on initial move-in and 24-hour digital video recording. Plus, it was voted as a "Best of DTLA" in 2016 in the moving/storage company category.

Do you really need climate controlled or air conditioned units?

While not everyone may need climate controlled units if you plan on storing any of the items we mentioned earlier for an extended period of time, we highly recommend it. Also, if the items you're storing are irreplaceable or valuable than a climate controlled unit can give you peace of mind. What's the point of renting a storage unit if you're just going to worry about your items being in there?

By going with a climate controlled unit you are allowing your items to maintain their quality and ensuring that they are properly protected and preserved no matter how long you keep them in storage.

So do yourself a favor and give one of our local self storage facilities a call to book your unit today.

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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