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Our Self Storage Managers Are Here To Listen


Did you know that our managers live at most of our self storage facilities?  When you arrive, you are literally entering their sanctuary. We want you to feel comfortable chatting with us about anything. Most of our customers are experiencing some sort of live event including: marriage, divorce, new baby, new job, moving to a new area, downsizing, and more. It makes perfect sense: One often requires self storage during a major life change. Smart Self Storage exists to make those life changes as easy and seamless as possible.

Our staff are more than just self storage employees - they're families, they're real human beings with open ears and open hearts. They want you to feel comfortable, feel as if you too have just arrived at home.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list of priorities.  We are your local, friendly, neighborhood self storage facility. Socializing and making lasting connections will keep customers coming back. And, it's just the right thing to do since we love our customers and communities so much.  Smart Self Storage is a local small business with super friendly employees that really care about your life and how your day is going. We have a great purpose in life and in our communities. We are more than a self storage facility.

Though we now have a number of self storage facilities all across California, we still operate under the small business principles of valuing our customers, and conducting our business with a locally focused mindset.  Small businesses help stimulate local economy, they help benefit the community, and they provide a much needed sense of compassion that is simply just simply not present in many corporate industries.  Our managers at self storage keep up those high standards of quality customer service by truly listening to the needs of our clients, and acting on what our client's truly need.

Our facility managers understand why so many people come to us in a time of need.  Life is unexpected, and happens all too fast.  Self storage units can really help families transition through times of change (both difficult and positive) by decreasing the amount of stuff present in your home.  With a clearer space, a clutter free home, you inevitably have a chance to clear your mind.

While we may not be licensed therapists, we are all 100% human, and we want to offer you not only a place to house some material possessions, but we wish to offer you a helping hand, an ear to listen to your stories.  Here at Smart Self Storage, we are more than just storage for your things, we are storage for your dreams, aspirations, and troubles too.  We are here to help.

We have customers walking through our doors that feel as if they have no where else to go.  Something big in their life has just happened that has led them to us.  Whether it's divorce, a new baby, in-laws moving in, or a sudden move, whatever big life event it may be, our self storage facility managers and employees are here to listen, and help you find the self storage unit that transforms your life. Please stop by and share your personal story. We will be sure to cater your self storage unit to your personal needs.

Today's blog post is a guest post by Michelle. Michelle is a self-storage enthusiast and freelance writer who enjoys traveling the world. An expert at getting the most out of the self-storage experience, please check back regularly for more about Michelle's adventure and how self-storage helped her dream of travel come true.

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