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Self Storage Tips for Small Business Owners


Running a business can be expensive. Running a small business without all the necessary revenue even more so. You usually don’t have the manpower to do everything all at once so small business owners are continually trying to cut costs where they can in order to use the money on more pertinent things.

Self storage is a convenient way to save money for small businesses looking to cut costs. There are many different kinds of ways to utilize a storage unit for your business. Whether you need warehouse space, extra room for all of your files and paperwork or just a place to show people your work below we list just a few of the endless possibilities. So grab a pen and paper, or just screenshot this page and discover a few ways your business can save a buck with self storage.

Store, Organize and Worry Less!

Using a storage unit as a way to store and organize medical supplies. Medical sales representatives are always on the go. Which means taking deliveries can be difficult if they have to be signed for. Most storage facilities take deliveries making it easy to have (acceptable) medical supplies and samples shipped to your storage unit.

Use your storage unit as your personal warehouse. Store equipment, files, and extra inventory. Rent a large storage unit for a relatively low price and store any extra equipment that may be taking up space in your office. Plus, you don’t have to worry about zoning restrictions. You’ll also have peace of mind leaving your items in storage instead of in a field somewhere unattended overnight.

Forget the office. It’s the digital age, which means you can easily run an at-home business with ease. However, depending on the tip of business you run there may be excess samples, inventory and filing that needs to be accounted for. That’s where a storage unit comes in. Run your business out of your home for free, and pay for a cost efficient storage unit to keep your business belongings in. Easy peasy.

Self Storage Warehouse

Warehousing your items. Whether you’re running an interior design business or specialize in making furniture or fixing used items you find in thrift stores you’re going to need a space to store your inventory. Use your storage unit as a way to store and organize your samples.

We’ve touched on this above but using your storage unit to receive mail is so easy. You just need to let your on-site manager know that you’re okay with allowing delivery personnel access to your unit (additional fees and restrictions may apply, ask your on-site manager). This way you can have customer orders shipped to your unit for inspection before you mail them off to your client. This way you can ensure their order is correct before they see it. Happy customers are the best!

If you like to buy and sell items on eBay, Etsy or other online shops use a self storage unit as a way to store your items. You can easily have the items you buy shipped to your unit and stored there until they are sold.

No need to worry about business hours. The majority of storage units use traditional office hours and some even offer extended hours. This makes it convenient to operate your business on a schedule that is convenient for you.

Video Surveillance

Self storage facilities can give you peace of mind when running your small business. Security is extremely important so storage facilities often provide surveillance so you don’t have to worry about the files, inventory or supplies in your storage unit. Many even offer coded gate entry and on-site management for even more security. No use in worrying about your livelihood when you can simply store them in a video surveillance  environment.

Self storage facilities also allows tenants to rent based on a month-to-month policy unlike most office rental rates which require a long-term commitment. This allows businesses control of the length of time that they will have to pay for the unit. Maybe you are in the process of moving your office and need to store equipment for a short amount of time, a storage facility can provide you with the space and necessary time you need a unit. Don’t rush your move because you’re desperate for a place to put your business belongings.

It’s important not to be locked into a long-term lease. If your business grows, you can always move into a larger facility or if your business starts to lose money you don’t have to worry about paying for the months you don’t need, like you would with a long-term lease. Don’t give yourself a headache that comes along with renting an office or retail space that you aren’t sure you can commit to. Just focus on growing your business, not things that can easily be solved with renting a storage unit.

Self storage is a convenient, affordable option for small businesses and startups looking to forgo office long-term leases with heavy fees. It can dramatically help with inventory management and record keeping. There are options available for all small businesses, you just have to know how to use it to your advantage!

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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