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Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit


Organizing - not all of us have the knack for it. But we can all agree that an organized home, work space and storage unit keeps life a bit more simple, and neat. As easy as it is to dump your things here and there when you move into your storage unit, you’ll soon find yourself mentally yelling at your past self for not taking the time to organize. An unorganized unit could lead boxes falling from not being stacked right or damaged property. Not only that, when you need to grab something from your unit you’ll end up rolling your eyes in frustration at the amount of boxes you have to shift just to get to it.

So be kind to your future self and take the time to organize your unit. However, if you lack the natural abilities to know how to label, stack and arrange things in a cohesive manner then read on for our best tips for organizing your unit.


Movers, meet labels. Labels, meet movers. Become best friends. Labels are going to save you SO much time when you’re packing and moving things. Decide what isn’t staying in your home or office, then pack similar items in the same box or canister. And while we're talking about it don’t use various sized boxes. This will make stacking them difficult and possibly cause injury.

From there, grab a sharpie and a label then write exactly what’s in the box or something that sums up what’s in the there like “holiday stuff” or “soccer shoes”.

Pro tip: Put labels on the sides of the box instead of on top. That way when you stack the boxes in your storage unit you’ll be able to see what’s in the box without moving anything.

Plan Ahead

We know what you’re thinking. What’s there to plan? All you have to do is move boxes into a unit, no need for a game plan. Well, friend. You’re wrong.

Take the time to make a floor plan of sorts. Know the dimensions of your unit and put it on paper and figure out just where your spare TV set is going and how you’re going to arrange the 5 boxes you’re planning to put in your unit.

You’ll also want to make a plan on how to clean your unit before you move in. The less dust the better. You’ll also want to pick up a few pallets to place your boxes on to prevent rodents and insects from making a home under to your items. Buying a shelf might not be such a bad idea either. This way you can arrange small items and boxes in your unit without take up much space.

Once you have a plan down on where everything is going to be placed then it’s time to get moving.

Organizing Your Storage Unit

After you’ve cleaned your unit be sure to let everyone involved that it’s important to stick to your plan. Doing so will ensure you can have as much access to your items as possible and make the moving process a lot easier.

Start by putting the largest items into the unit. You’ll want to place larger items like furniture and appliances towards the back of the unit. You’re probably not going to use them right away so leaving them in the back is your best option. Be sure to use furniture and clean all furniture and use covers in order to prevent damage to them. But don’t forget to poke holes in the covers so your furniture can breathe.

Pro tip: Talk to manufacturers to determine if any damage can be caused from being stored for long periods of time.

From there, if it’s possible, create an aisle down the middle of your unit. This will make moving about your unit easy and give better access to your things. However, if you’re unable to make an aisle be sure to put all items you’ll need the most access to up front. This includes seasonal decorations and clothes.

Add pallets to the unit then stack boxes in order of importance. Make sure that you can see the labels on all the boxes. Put any standing items, like lamps and golf clubs, near each other so they can be easily accessed. With that being said, try and make sure to put all similar items next to each other so you’ll know just where everything is in your unit.

Maximizing Space

No matter how big your storage unit is you’re going to want to make as much space as possible. There’s a few ways you can do this. If you have an extra trash can put any rakes, mops, shovels or the like in your unit. Large items like refrigerators or dressers can easily store smaller items that would usually take up floor space. You can also store things on top of the dresser like lamps, boxes and bags. Just be sure to wipe down and cover the surface first. If you have large desks or side tables stack them top-to-top to save space too!

Use space in your unit by utilizing the items already it. No one likes wasted space!

Moving is stressful enough as it is. Make it easier on yourself by planning ahead and keeping your unit organized for later access.

These tips are easy enough for even the messiest person out there. Good luck!

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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