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We Are Smart Self Storage


At Smart Self Storage, we have always been a family owned business who puts the "smart" in storage. Our company dates back forty years - which means we know the ins and outs of self storage. We've seen the industry grow and change and we have advanced our model at the same time. We provide our customers with professional, pleasant, and simple self storage options.

Kindness Matters

When you visit us, you will immediately see the difference in how we treat you and how we treat our units. We believe in the power of community and the difference that a few kind words can make.

Whether you are planning to store for years at a time or for a few months, you will quickly see the difference that we can make. We have many long-term customers and those who use our services over and over again when they need to make room for something new. Our customers range from new families to businesses.

Whether you are looking to store home goods, collections, or just need somewhere to put dorm room supplies during the summer months, we take pride in being one of the most reliable self-storage companies in all of California.

Throughout California

Our storage facilities dot the map of California, from north to south. Since we are in many different communities, you will be able to find a Smart Self Storage facility near you. Even better, you can easily move from one facility to another if you move office spaces, homes, or colleges. We can work with you to set up a transfer of goods so that you don't lapse in storage spaces and have nowhere to put your stuff. Even better, we can help you to arrange for moving your goods from one facility to another.

We Live in Our Communities

By living in the communities we serve, it enables us to really know each other and understand what you need. We focus on the communities around us, building them up and helping them to be the best that they can be. We'll support local programs, use local contractors for anything that we need, and help to bolster the community we work in - because we live there as well.

Through learning about these communities and being active members, we learn how to better serve our customers. From phrasing something a certain way to providing support during times of need, we are there. If we are in a more residential community, we know we need to offer self storage options for them - if we are in an area that has more business dealings, we build for that.

At the same time, we are able to offer something new to the people of California, providing them with superior self storage that they have not seen before. Part of this is because each individual self storage site operates by itself as a contained operation. We still have the resources of a state-wide company, but have that small-business feel. This keeps our prices competitive and our service exemplary.

In the end, Smart Self Storage is a "Network of Neighborhood Self Storage facilities."

From the Ground Up

As we have built our organization from the ground up, this has given us complete control of our facilities and the way we treat you. It also means that we have quality controlled everything, matching it to our liking, using the highest quality materials - from what we built our facilities with to how we protect your goods when you aren't there.

As technology has grown and changed, so has our company. We strive to keep up with the latest and greatest tech options. If there is anything that you think our facility needs or you notice something we are lacking, feel free to leave us a comment or two to explain what you want.

Home of the 1st Year Price Guarantee

One of the biggest ways that we set ourselves apart from our competition is by offering the "1st Year Price Guarantee." We know that you are on a budget - we all are. You can't be on a budget that works for you if it keeps changing all the time. Unlike others, we will guarantee that the price of your unit will stay the same from the start of your lease for a year. We will not increase your rental rate or sneak in some special fees that will increase your rental rate.

We are happy to introduce ourselves to you and hope that you feel comfortable using all of our services. For a more personalized introduction, please enjoy our video. For even more information, feel free to come to any of our locations and talk to our team. You'll be able to see for yourself the difference that we make.

Smart Self Storage


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