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What Should I Store in a Self Storage Unit?


Sometimes you just need more space. Maybe your roommate has one too many side tables or a box of books that won’t fit on the bookshelf you bought for your new home. When that happens you either need to have a garage sale to get rid of the things taking up too much space or rent a self-storage unit to put those items away.

We understand not wanting to part with the things you’ve come to love over the years. Which is why self storage is such a wonderful invention.

So what exactly should you put in storage? Well, that really depends on you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re tired of feeling cramped.

Do You Use it Often?

If you haven’t used that beautiful Moroccan rug that’s taking up space in your hall closet then it may be time to add it to your storage unit. That space in your closet could be used for linens or your box of serving utensils. The same goes for any furniture like desks or chairs that are never occupied.

If an item in your home doesn’t have a specific use then stop wasting space and put it in a self-storage unit.

Is it a Seasonal Item?

Okay, so unless you have a huge obsession with Christmas and just can’t stand the idea of not having a tree up year round then pack up all the Christmas ornaments and put them away. Seasonal decor and clothing don’t really need to be taking up room in closets and hallways when they could be nice and comfy in a large storage unit.

We know it’s hard. But just think of how happy you’ll be when you can finally unpack that Halloween box from your unit.

Fall is already upon us, so you may need to start thinking about which summer clothing you’ll be packing away. Swimsuits? You can’t exactly swim in November (unless you live in the Bahamas). Shorts? You’re legs are going to be mighty chilly on a cold October night. Say goodbye to the tank tops and sandals and hello to jeans and boots!

Do you Have Multiples of the Same Thing?

Sometimes when you move, especially with someone, you accumulate doubles of a lot of things. Sometimes you end up with way too many of the same DVDs, multiple lamps, and way too many forks to count.

Sometimes it isn’t smart to just let these things take up so much room in your home. Pack all the extra dishes and silverware into a box along with your childhood toys take them to your storage unit for safekeeping!  No use in having a kitchen filled with 50 plates for two people.

Have you Moved into a Smaller Space?

Maybe your parents gave you their lawnmower when you moved out not knowing that you wouldn’t need it when you moved to very first home. Sometimes duplexes, rentals and especially apartments don’t require you to do any yard work because it’s provided in the rental rate. If that’s the case you don’t want to just get rid of any yard equipment because a.) It’s pricey and b.) You could use it later on down the road.

That’s when a storage unit becomes super handy!

Do you Just not Have the Space to Store it?

So you have a huge camper you like to take on road trips during the summer, eh? So cool. But so big. Many storage facilities offer storage space for large objects like RVs, boats and campers! Instead of taking up valuable space in your driveway or paying for an extra parking space ship on over to your nearest storage facility (pun intended).

Now that we’ve gone over the things that you should store in self-storage. Let’s chat about the things that don’t have a place in self-storage. Some of them are pretty common sense, while others may surprise you a bit. It’s important to read your rental agreement for a complete list of prohibited items.


Basically, you don’t want to store anything that will cause a fire. This includes gasoline, propane tanks, motor oil, acid, corrosives, fertilizers, and toxic or biological waste. Your storage facility will provide you with a complete list of unsuitable storage items before you move in so don’t worry about having to memorize this list.

But, c’mon. No science experiments in your storage unit.

Perishable Foods

While canned foods may be acceptable for storing in your unit, any perishable items like pet food or produce are prohibited. These may spoil and attract unwanted pests.

Anything Living

Okay, this one should go without saying. You can’t store any animals in your unit and you definitely can’t live in your storage unit. Plants are also not allowed to be kept in your storage unit since they can attract insects and bugs that love to make homes in them. Do you really want to open your unit only to find a million tiny ants running amok?

Illegal Substances

You can’t store anything stolen in your storage unit without risking a call to the cops. With that being said, any illegal drugs are banned as well. Be smart, people.

We really hope this list helps you decide what has a place in your house and what doesn’t. No one should feel cramped in their home. A self-storage unit is an easy solution to eliminate clutter and help you breathe just a bit better while feeling confident that your personal items are safe and secure.

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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