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Boy's Republic Making a Difference in Chino Hills


We know that life can be challenging for kids sometimes, which leads them down a troubled path. This is the reason we are so grateful for places such as the Boy's Republic. And we're even happier that this school is in our community of Chino Hills. It's great what they do for children from our local area by giving them a fair shot at creating a better life for themselves.

Boy's Republic Chino Hills

What is Boy's Republic?

Boy's Republic is a private, nonprofit school that's nonsectarian and offers treatment for troubled youth. It was founded in 1907, and since its creation has helped over 32,000 at-risk teenage girls and boys to live more fulfilling and productive lives.

Located in Chino Hills is their main school and farm. They do operate other in- and out-patient treatment centers in other locales.

Boy's Republic

Boy's Republic provides educational, behavioral, and emotional support to kids in hopes of helping them reach their maximum potential for leading self-directed, responsible lives within their communities.

The best part is that they make every attempt possible to include the child's family in their rehabilitation to help bring unification among the family. They follow a curriculum that teaches various skills such as social, academic, and vocational. In theory, after a child has been through this program, he or she will have every skill required to enjoy a fulfilling life.

Boy's Republic in Chino Hills

What Programs Do They Offer?

Boy's Republic offers a wide array of services at its various locations. For example, the main campus here in Chino Hills is a school that's set up on a farm with 200 sprawling acres that houses 25 cottages where the students live. The campus is self-contained and used for teens that need full-time supervision. The teens on the main campus have access to a high school, vocational classes, work programs, athletics, and student government leadership training.

Ways You Can Help Boy's Republic

We love the fact that there are many ways to help the Boy's Republic. The more generous donations they receive, the better they can support their mission and provide better opportunities to the kids.

If you'd like to contribute, here are a few great options:

Della Robbia Wreaths

Della Robbia Wreaths - These are available around the holidays and are created from a work program done by the kids. You can choose from two different sizes, and if you live in California, your wreath will come with fruit! These make great gifts!

Auxiliary Gift Shop - This is a two-way option. On the one hand, you can help by buying items such as clothing, appliances, dishes, furniture, books, etc., from their store. On the other, you can donate these same items that they can then turn around and sell.

Monetary Donation - If you'd rather just make a monetary donation, they welcome those as well. You can either drop off the donation in person or conduct a transaction via their website.

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