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Self Storage For New Home Communities


Don't you love moving into a home that’s never been occupied before? We do too. The fresh smells, the new flooring and appliances, they all make a brand new home extra special. So it's easy to see how you wouldn't want to crowd or damage your home with furniture and home items that just don't fit. Yes, we're talking about that foosball table you've had since your college days that could scratch up your new hardwood.

Lucky for you, we want to show you how to use self storage to keep your new home beautiful for years to come. Keep your new home in Chino Hills de-cluttered. Store items that don't belong in your new home in self storage instead.

Use it as a Way to Refurnish Your New Home

When you move into a brand spanking new home it's only natural that you would want new furniture to match. In this case, self storage is great for holding onto items you just aren’t ready or willing to part with. We know that couch your grandma got you is very special to you so don’t give it away or throw it out, store it instead. The same goes with your childhood memories, don’t crowd a perfectly good linen closet with a few boxes that are filled with blasts from your past, add them to a self storage unit. The best thing about having a self storage unit is that you can always access it when you need it. So whenever you feel like going down memory lane, stop on by.

This always works if you're the type of person who loves redecorating every few months. Use a storage unit to swap out pillows, throw blankets, and rugs whenever you have the desire. Store accent chairs or loveseats without risk of damage, and add them to your new space when you feel that the time is right.

Use Self Storage to Store Items Before Your Home is Ready

Sometimes things get behind schedule. If you planned on moving into your new home in February but now the builder is saying it won't be ready until the end of March you could be in a tough spot if you already vacated your previous address. Unless, of course, you have a self storage unit. You can easily store all of your belongings into one or two storage units for a reasonable price that won't break the bank while you wait to move into your new Chino Hills home.

Less is More

It's a tough realization but sometimes items that once flowed well in your previous home just look inconsistent or cramped in your new home. In those instances, less is always more. But just because you're going minimalist doesn't mean you have to throw out all of the possessions you've grown to love. Store them away until you find space for them in your home or want to switch out a few items during different seasons or times of the year.

You're Downsizing

This is actually a new trend. Choosing a cozy little apartment or home offers little room for storage. Not only does this cause you to downsize on your living space but this makes it essential to cut out the clutter. Consider using a storage space for the yard equipment you don't have room for, or extra bedding, towels, and home items that you know you'll need later down the road. Self storage also makes a great place to store items you're not sure about selling or getting rid of just yet.

Keeping Breakables Safe During a Move

That fancy clock your mother passed down to you has no business in a crazy, hectic move. Before on your moving day it might be wise to collect all of the breakables you don't want broken and store them away until everything in your home is unpacked and is less chaotic. Trust us, you'll thank yourself later. Bonus tip: Consider insuring the items in your self storage unit for ultimate peace of mind.

Streamlining Your Move

Your new home in the Chino/Chino Hills area deserves to look neat and cozy. This can easily be achieved by renting a storage unit. Organize your moving boxes by room and store them away until all of your important items are in your home and set up where you want them to go. Once all of the chaos dies down, you can then head to your unit and sort through boxes and bins there instead of creating a mess in your new home. It'll be much easier for you to decide what you want to keep in your home and what you want to stay in storage without having to drive back and forth.

It's an amazing feeling: Being the first person to live in a brand new house! When you move into your new place, you likely want to keep it clean and beautiful. It's brand new, after all. Chino Hills Self Storage can help you do just that. Stop by or give us a call. We love our community and look forward to serving you.

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