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Squeeze In: A Favorite Chino Hills Restaurant


Who doesn't love a good breakfast? Chino Hills has no shortage of excellent eateries. As managers of Chino Hills Self Storage, we like to try out all the best local spots and share them with people who are moving into town.

One of our favorite places to grab a tasty bite is Squeeze In, Chino Hills. It's a local favorite and a "must try" if you haven't eaten there yet. While they are known for their incredible omelettes, the rest of the menu will not disappoint.

Squeeze In Chino Hills

Their breakfast menu is filled with sweet and savory options, but their lunch menu will also leave you drooling, too! They also have a rich and interesting history, which they share on their website and we'll share with you here, too.

History of Squeeze In

Squeeze In Chino Hills

In 1974, a tiny omelette restaurant in Truckee, California opened. It was so small, only 10 feet, 3 inches wide, that the patrons would literally have to "squeeze in" to get a seat.

Gary and Misty Young would drive over from Reno, Nevada, to take their daughters, Kay and Shila, to eat there. On the way home, they dreampt about owning it someday.

In 2003, that dream became their reality! They uprooted their lives to move to Truckee and become restaurateurs. Five years later, they brought their daughter Shila and her husband, Chad Morris, on board to partner with them and grow the small business.

In 2010, the Squeeze In was featured on Food Network in "Throwdown with Bobby Flay," and has not stopped growing ever since. Squeeze In now offers locations throughout Nevada, California, Texas, and Idaho. But no matter how much they grow, the family-owned business has stayed committed to staying true to their hometown roots. They only want to serve yummy food by genuinely happy people in a super-fun and community-minded environment.

What to Order

Squeeze In Chino Hills

Squeeze In is one of those places that you need a few minutes to look at the menu because there's too many great options to choose from. In truth, just pick whatever sounds best that day because chances are, you'll be back again to try something else!

From a Zweifel (pronounced Zwy-full) omelet with peanut butter and bananas to the Bomb Bacon Benny, an eggs benedict dish with mushrooms and applewood bacon, there is something for everyone on Squeeze In, Chino Hills' broad menu.

If sweet morning items are more your thing, they have Jack Johnson Banana Walnut Pancakes with toasted walnuts and bananas smothered in honey butter. Or, Queen Maggie French toast featuring whipped cream cheese and fruit. That's just to name just a couple!

If you stop by later in the day, try out a salad or sandwich. Their Conner's Boss Burger, named Best Burger by Big Seven Travel, comes with Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, sauteed mushrooms, avocado, and their special sauce, along with the regular burger fixings. Or another customer favorite, Trevor's Favorite Crab Melt, comes with a ¼ pound of hand-shelled king crab and avocado on two slices of extra thick garlic cheese toast.

Squeeze In Chino Hills

Featured On...

Squeeze In, Chino Hills is so well-loved that it has been featured in several well-known publications. Not only was it highlighted on the Food Network and CBS News, but in many popular print publications as well, including Forbes magazine, Vogue magazine, The New York Times, Business News Daily, Reno Gazette-Journal, and USA Today. In addition, Squeeze In has been reviewed and featured on several travel and dating web sites.

Chino Hills Self Storage

Do you feel like you are having to "squeeze in" to your house or garage? Here at Chino Hills Self Storage, we would love to help you make room by storing those precious items that you don’t want to part with but also don't want it taking up space at your home.

Chino Hills Self Storage is your local, neighborhood self storage facility. Stop by to check out all of the various storage options we have, from drive-up to interior units. We will be sure to match your needs and exceed your storage expectations!

Chino Self Storage Is Also Now Open For Business

Also worth noting, we now offer a brand new sister facility called Chino Self Storage. Whether you need self storage in Chino Hills or Chino, our locally-owned self storage company (that truly cares about the local community) is here to provide you with an incomparable self storage experience.

Your moving day can consume a ton of energy. That's precisely why we love featuring amazing local restaurants here on our blog. Make sure to stay nourished and hydrated during your moving and self storage day. And, please don't hesitate to reach out at any time. We are always interested in meeting members of our community, and featuring local businesses and attractions here on our blog. Thanks, again, for reading!

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