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The Let It Be Foundation- Helping Families with Cancer

The Let It Be Foundation- Helping Families with Cancer


Just down the street from our storage facility is an incredible charity organization called The Let It Be Foundation. This non-profit helps families caring for a sick child by providing ongoing support throughout the child’s treatment.

The founding family has a powerful story of hope and compassion stemming from personal loss. It’s a story that inspires local support and volunteerism in the Chino community.

Their Story

The Let It Be Foundation launched on what would have been the 16th birthday of Karla Asch-Rosen. Karla is the daughter of the founding family that created the non-profit organization in her honor.

Karla was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of 15. She fought long and hard, but eventually succumbed to the disease. Through all her struggles, however, she remained optimistic and committed to her faith.

The family wished to carry on her strength and faithfulness, and thus founded an organization that not only helps children facing life-threatening illness, but also their family.

One of the main goals of the organization is to “restore a sense of normalcy in the lives of critically-ill children and their families. How they achieve this goal looks different for every family, as their service and support is customized to fit the needs of each.

Their Focus

The Let It Be Foundation focuses on 3 modes of support: Family Care, Hospital Outreach & Support, and their Youth Leadership Team.

Family Care

 The Family Care Program is the cornerstone of their organization. Families receive customized support that help them restore their personal normalcy. This means they consider all members of the family, in addition to the child facing the life-threatening illness.

This program helps in multiple ways, including with these sub-programs:

  • Heart of the Home – Helps the family with individualized products and services.
  • Holiday Hope Baskets – Helps the family to feel cheer throughout the year during different holidays and birthdays.
  • Faith Connection – Helps the child and their family focus on hope and faith.
  • Artistic Expression – Helps the child and their siblings express their feelings through the arts.
  • Fitness Fun – Helps the family maintain a healthy balance.
  • L.O.V.E. (Siblings only program) – Helps siblings learn communication skills and tools to manage their experience and feelings.
  • Grief Support (A partnership program) – Helps the family through the healing process.

Hospital Outreach & Support

Their Hospital Outreach & Support program partners with local and extended community children’s hospitals to provide support and comfort while the child is in the hospital. This support includes bedside activity bags filled with entertainment for the child and care kits for parents.

Since the founding families experienced much of the same as their recipients, they know firsthand how to help families enduring similar struggles. These kits offer distractions and help bring fun into the sterile environments of hospitals.

Youth Leadership Team

The Let It Be Foundation was founded in honor of an incredible teenager and was founded to help kids. So, it only makes sense that kids and teenagers should be allowed to further their mission as volunteers.

The Youth Leadership Program selects junior high and high school students from local public and private schools. The youth teams have completed over 125,000 community service hours and that number is constantly growing!

You can visit their website to learn more about the Youth Leadership Team.

Lemonade on Wheels

The Let It Be Foundation also has an unorthodox method of spreading awareness for their cause: a lemonade truck. Their Lemonade on Wheels truck attends events across the community, “pouring lemonade with a purpose.”

The lemonade truck also gives new employment opportunities for local youth. It helps them build job experience while having fun and make a positive impact on the community.

The foundation built the lemonade truck with a generous grant from the Ludwick Family Foundation.

You can request the Lemonade on Wheels truck for your special event through their website.

How to Support The Let It Be Foundation

The Let It Be Foundation couldn’t do the impactful work it does without donors and volunteers. You can support by donating through their website or you can become a volunteer as well as a participant in the upcoming events for 2023.

The Let It Be Foundation- Helping Families with Cancer

Upcoming Events

5K + Walk Run. Presented by NFI to be held on March 6th, 2023. Registration begins on March 1st see the website for more information.

Chino Hills Self Storage

As a community neighbor to The Let It Be Foundation, Chino Hills Self Storage wanted to highlight the positive impact this organization is having. We hope this information informs as well as inspires others to spread the word or join the cause.

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