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Centro Basco

Centro Basco: Oldest Basque Restaurant in Chino Valley


Centro Basco is the oldest Basque restaurant in the Chino Valley of Southern California. It opened in 1940, celebrating over 80 years in business! The traditional Basque food speaks for itself and keeps people coming back for more. And can you guess what one of their signature dishes is? Tongue! In fact, their logo boasts “Best Tongue in Town.” We haven't been brave enough to try it, but we're told we're missing out!

About Centro Basco

Centro Basco has been family-owned and operated since the very beginning. Founded in 1940, the Berterretcha Family took over in 1970 and still operates it today. The Berterretcha Family is from just outside St. Jean Pied de Port, France. The small town is nestled in the Basque country that stretches along the Pyrenees Mountains in the Southern region of France. The family has brought the dining experience that epitomizes the Basque region to Chino Valley. The Basque people have strong cultural traditions rooted in delicious cuisine and a strong sense of family. It is this atmosphere that makes an outing to Centro Basco a memorable experience!

Family-Style Dining

In true Basque style, Centro Basco offers Family-Style dining. With this dining option, everyone sits together at long tables in the Mus room or the Red Room. Family-Style dining has multiple courses with special dishes not found on their traditional dining menu. Sample courses include sourdough bread and blue cheese, homemade soup du jour, salad, and the special of the day. The special of the day is usually two meat choices and a vegetable. Specialty dishes include oxtail stew, rabbit, blood sausage, and many more. Plus, they serve all-you-can-drink house wine, which really makes you feel like family!

Traditional Dining

Centro Basco also has a traditional dining room where guests can order from their menu. The menu includes delicious selections of lamb, fish, beef, and more. The traditional dining area has two full cocktail bars. You can order a variety of wines and beers at great prices.

Menu Items

Centro Basco Chino Valley

You may be timid to try a restaurant with regional food, especially one that specializes in tongue. But there is something for everyone on Basco's menu. It has plenty of well-known dishes, like pork chops, roasted chicken, fettuccini alfredo, and even chicken tenders. They also have a great selection of sandwiches!

Though they have more traditional dishes, it's a shame to go to this Basque restaurant and not try one of their specialty dishes. If you embrace the unique experience, you'll be rewarded with amazing flavors! The oxtail soup is delicious. It really does melt in your mouth as the menu says. Centro Basco also has a few dishes with Lukinka (my personal favorite). Lukinka is a Basque sausage that they make from scratch in the restaurant. You can get Lukinka with noodles, french fries, or on a sandwich.

Don't forget about the tongue! For more adventurous eaters, you can choose from a few different tongue dishes. Their Amatxi Special consists of Soup du jour and beans, salad (choice of dressing), tongue and tomatoes, spaghetti, and bread & butter. And finally, their famous marinated beef tongue and tomatoes, monterey jack cheese, bread and butter. A single or family-size serving of their famous marinated beef tongue and tomato slices topped with homemade vinaigrette and fresh garlic and parsley

Centro Basco Chino Valley

Chino Self Storage

We love supporting and reviewing local businesses, and love our community! Centro Basco is a perfect stop after a long day of moving or storing your belongings. If you have any moving or storage needs, Chino Self Storage is here to help. Feel free and stop by and let us know what your favorite restaurant is in Chino Valley!

Centro Basco is located at 13432 Central Ave,
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 628-9014
They have separate hours for lunch and dinner, and varied times for different days. So, be sure to look at the hours closely!
Mon-Tues: Closed
Wed-Fri Lunch: 11:30 AM – 2 PM
Wed-Fri Dinner: 5 PM – 9 PM
Sat: 5 PM – 9 PM
Sun: 12 PM – 8 PM

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