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Dorothea’s Christmas Decorations

Dorothea’s Christmas Shop (Folsom, CA)


Many of Folsom's delightful treasures are situated right on the famous Sutter Street in Folsom's historic district. There are more delicious places to eat, wonderful places to shop, and beautiful places to sit and appreciate everything in the shop. I must admit that I'm one of these people who delight in Christmas 356 days a year. Don't get me wrong, I take down my Christmas tree and all associated decorations sometime in January and bring them out again in October. But even on the months that I'm not loving my collection of Christmas magic, I will gaze at Christmas storybooks and get cozy with a cup of delicious hot cider. If I find a shop that stocks Christmas merchandise year-round, I'll lose myself for hours among ornaments, tinsel, ceramic villages, and many versions of Santa. Dorothea’s isn’t just any specialty Christmas shop; it's THE premier Christmas shop in the entire Sacramento region for the last 58 years! You must visit Dorothea's to see for yourself what a premier shop of this kind looks like. It's indescribable. It's indescribable unless you're a Christmas cheer lover such as myself. Read on for my take on this special place.

Dorothea’s Christmas Shop (Folsom, CA)

Family Owned and Operated

after spending a few hours in Folsom’s historic district shops, I noticed there was an overarching feel throughout all shops and restaurants. The feeling is that people care about what they're serving and selling regardless of what it is. Great pride goes into displaying merchandise with great attention to design; cafes and restaurants present the best version of the type of food they sell. Who doesn't love an entire store window front decorated with happy Gnomes? Dorothea's stole my heart even before I walked in the front door.

Once inside, I was speechless with glee at all the beautiful wares and decorations at Dorothea’s. While it's true that the majority of the store is dedicated to Christmas, the store also carries a rich collection of Fiesta Ware. Every bowl, butter dish, and gravy boat is sold in that iconic, rich, deep-toned color Fiesta Ware fans are so crazy about.  Before you reach Christmas, you'll always find a rotating selection of seasonal goods. But no matter what you're shopping for, there's one thing every piece sold at Dorothea’s has in common: it’s high quality at a reasonable price.

The Perfect Gift for Everyone in Your Life!

It goes without saying that a shop like Dorothea’s will have all the classical ornaments and Christmas decorating goodies you want. You'll find it all in the beautiful shop, from angels to the infamous Christmas pickle ornament. Each element of Christmas decorating and collecting comes in many versions. For example, I counted over two dozen of the old-fashioned Jim Shore Father Time Santa whose signature look is the wide-bottomed skirt and an elegant Santa face. I marveled over how many dog and cat ornaments were in stock.  Dorothea’s sells sports-themed ornaments that cover every sport and major team. But not just sports-themed ornaments but several styles for each sport and team! There are so many choices for each merchandise category that you cannot walk out empty-handed!

Dorothea’s Christmas Shop (Folsom, CA)

Go Ahead and Count Your Eggs

As you would expect at a premier shop of its kind, Dorothea’s also hosts special events and commissions artists’ work. One great example of commissioned work is the gallery collection of Custom Historic Folsom Country Christmas Eggs! These intricate hand-painted ornament eggs feature some of Folsom's most treasured landmines, including the Folsom Hotel, The Rainbow Bridge, and the Train Depot. These eggs were created by an artisan named Dan Stevens, who has created art for the U.S. White House. These stunning eggs must be seen in person to be appropriately appreciated. Whether we're secretly counting our own eggs or graciously gifting these to loved ones, the Dan Stevens collection found at Dorothea's will not disappoint.

My Personal Favorite-Department 56

It sounds a bit unbelievable that a person enthusiastic about all things Christmas all year round could declare a Christmas favorite. But you know, just because you love everything doesn't mean there isn't one thing you love more than everything else. For me, that is Department 56 Christmas Dickens Village. Based on the classic Christmas story, "The Christmas Carol," Department 56 village collection is genuinely perfect. Each element of this story is carefully recreated to capture historical accuracy and correctly depicts each village piece's role in the beloved Christmas tale. From Scrooge and Marley's County House to Little Cratchit's corner, there isn't one detail left out that helps capture the hearts of Dicken's fans. I've loved this collection for over 40 years, so it was a treat to appreciate what is found at Dorothea's.

Dorothea’s Christmas Shop (Folsom, CA)

It's not hyperbole to say that Dorothea's is the ultimate place to lose yourself for hours in Christmas and other holiday beauty. So, add this wonderful shop to your list of places you must visit in Historic Folsom. You won't regret it.

Christmas decorations are an investment and often include heirloom pieces we want to hand down to family from generation to generation. Self-storage is the perfect way to preserve that precious Christmas collection, and it is ready to use year after year. At Green Valley Road Self Storage, our state-of-the-art units come in all sizes, so you can find exactly what you need to keep your Christmas collection safe for generations. Please visit us soon to see how we can be the perfect answer to protect your perfect Christmas collection. See you soon!

Dorothea's is located at 801 Sutter Street
Folsom, Ca 95630
(916) 985-2714
Hours of Operation: Sunday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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