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Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory (Folsom, CA)

Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory (Folsom, CA)


Old Historic Folsom has an impressive selection of shops and restaurants in a relatively small area. That's because no nook nor cranny was allowed to go to waste, and the quality of shops permitted in this area are all very tasteful. Each shop and restaurant truly has something unique and wonderful about it that sets it apart from others in the area and those competing in the competitive world of boutique retail. One shop that exceeds the expectations of a small shop by a huge amount is a gem called Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory.

Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory (Folsom, CA)

The Magic is Behind the Scenes

Known as one of the region’s most beloved institutions for nearly 50 years, Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory is much bigger than it looks outside. Established in 1963 by John and Jeannine Snook, Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory is a destination for those traveling to this area. One reason is that you can always find high-quality confections made the old-fashioned way. If you don't believe me, step into this shop when any one of three generations of Snooks is working behind glass. Let me say it this way. When walking past, I first smelled Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory because I can sniff out great chocolate a mile away. It was love at first sniff. But then, when I walked inside the shop and saw the confections created and sold at Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory, it was double love because everything is beautiful. Not a piece of chocolate or other candy is designed without an artistic flair. I thought to myself, "wow, how in the world do they do it, and where does it all come from?" I then turned around and saw EXACTLY where the magic happens: in full view is the Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory, well, factory? Yes, it’s their factory!

Whether it is giant vats of caramel being stirred or beautiful candies being crafted that are almost too beautiful to eat, Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory items are made fresh daily and run by three generations of this hard-working family.

Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory (Folsom, CA)

Warmth In Every Touch

In today's iteration of Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory, it's a second generation that's heading the business and production end of things. But every aspect of business maintains the secret ingredient to Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory: warmth. I walked in on a day when it wasn't too crowded and was helped by two people who were both so happy to talk to me that I felt welcomed. I was invited to ask for samples of anything and can't disclose exactly what I tried, but let's say it was all GREAT, and I may have walked home (just kidding). Seriously, this shop is decorated with such a cozy feeling. It's like visiting a favorite aunt's house. I've said this about other places I've seen where the vibe is welcoming and presents with little frilly details that are just enough to convey a maternal touch but not so much that it feels like just a woman's place. No way! Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory is a wonderful place for men, women, and children of all ages to find something to love.

Speaking of love, I'm always interested in the most popular item in a place like Snooks. It sounds as if the English Toffee has always been the most popular. Like what you'd expect from a family-owned business, Snooks is part of a network of other family-owned companies with the same commitment to excellence. For example, Snooks has purchased the same high-quality almonds from a 5th generation almond grower in Modesto, Ca.

 Because I love to geek out of facts, thinking about Snooks most popular candy made me wonder what the most popular candy is in the U.S.  While various sources couldn’t agree on what placed first, the top six sellers in the U.S. are Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, Dove, Twix, and Hershey Bars.  We love our candy but not as much as many other countries.  Regarding the volume per capita in the world, the U.S. isn't even in the top ten countries consuming the most candy! What? Germany takes the lead at a whopping 29 pounds of candy consumed per person per year! The following nine winners are Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, and Australia.  What I found fascinating is that, no matter how popular they are in the U.S., there is some candy you can't buy outside of the U.S. That includes the extremely sour War Heads, Red Vines, Swedish Fish, Mike and Ike, Now and Later, Laffy Taffy, Sunkist Sours, and Dots Gum Drop Candy. It isn't because other countries have banned these candies but because there isn't a profitable market for the candy mentioned above. My final geeking out about candy stops at where it all started: Massachusetts. Candy historians agree that Ye Old Pepper Candy Companie (nope, not a misspelling) is the oldest candy company in the U.S. This company is now fourth generation owned and got its start making the candy Gibraltar’s, the first mass-produced, commercially sold candy in the U.S. and is still sold today. 

Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory (Folsom, CA)

There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Historic Folsom, and no trip would be complete without a visit to Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory. You'll come away with a happy stomach and a warm heart, so please put Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory on your list of things to do in Folsom, CA. 

At Green Valley Road Self Storage, we take pride in helping with all aspects of moving day, including tips on how to make moving day easier. We recommend building in an opportunity to treat yourself on moving day. Because we genuinely love our community, we want to promote all the excellent shops, restaurants, and activities in El Dorado Hills and neighboring towns like Historic Folsom. Please help us learn about other great places like Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory by stopping by a state-of-the-art self-storage facility. We're just a few miles up the freeway from Historic Folsom. See you soon!

Snooks Candy and Chocolate Factory is located at 731 Sutter Street
Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 985-0620 
Hours of Operation: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday

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