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Sociology Coffee Bar (Folsom, CA) sale

Sociology Coffee Bar (Folsom, CA)


If you love being that person in your circle of friends and family who always knows the coolest place to grab a cup of coffee, you’ll appreciate the tip I’m going to give you about a place called Sociology Coffee Bar. Situated in a quiet street not far from Sutter Street and at the beginning of some great hiking trails, Sociology Coffee Bar is the place you'll want to be the first to tell all your friends and family about. Here's why.

Beauty Inside and Outside

Sociology Coffee Bar (Folsom, CA)

When you first walk into Sociology Coffee Bar, you'll notice that it isn't a place for large groups to meet or anyone who wants to work at a laptop for hours. Seating is limited, so this establishment asks that people share the space with others by limiting their time at a table.   The second thing you’ll notice is that the same spirit of politeness and care for others is duplicated in each detail of Sociology Coffee Bar. Despite being busy taking the orders of other customers, when I pointed out that this was the first time I had visited, the barista slowed his pace down and patiently guided me through several breakfast, coffee, and sweets selections. Okay, this doesn't imply that I ordered one of the artistically designed breakfast burritos and tacos and a slice of lemon crumble cake topped with a chocolate chip cookie. I only ordered the only reasonable thing to order at 10:30 a.m. on a rainy Friday:  the chocolate chip cookie. 

Sociology Coffee Bar (Folsom, CA)

To call this thing a cookie is probably a massive injustice, but I don't know what else to call it. The only thing this great disc of deliciousness had in common with the common cookie is its name and circumference. While typical cookies have a fair amount of their excellent flavor due to the flour/sugar/egg combo part of the cookie, this disc of deliciousness only has flour as a suggested way of holding the mass amount of rich chocolate together. It's the kind of cookie that's a bit crispy and a bunch of gooey!   There's no getting around it; one cookie is too many, and a thousand aren't enough. I was able to exercise some restraint because I paired this disc of deliciousness with a chai made of crisp apples and loads of seasonings that are individually added to your personal little tea kettle.   It may sound like a strange pairing, but it was perfect. 

Sociology Coffee Bar (Folsom, CA)

Ethical, Fair, and Delicious

Like other shops in historic Folsom, Sociology Coffee Bar operates with integrity. Its mission is to roast its coffee sustainably for the environment, coffee farmers, and the industry itself. Purchasing their beans green, Sociology Coffee Bar buys from farms with equitable practices, and Sociology Coffee Bar pays prices that support a fair living wage for farm workers. 

Sociology Coffee Bar roasts its own beans using a bellwether which is an all-electric, ventless machine. The result of roasting coffee beans this way is an 87% reduction in the coffee roasting carbon footprint! When you buy coffee by the cup or pound at Sociology Coffee Bar, you support a small business determined to make a difference in the world. Said in their words, By purchasing this coffee, you are joining us in our mission. You are about to enjoy some of the best coffee the world has to offer, roasted in a way that honors the world itself."  So what can you look forward to in the coffee at Sociology Coffee Bar? Here's just a taste of what is great at Sociology Coffee Bar.

Coffee Treated Like Liquor

Sociology Coffee Bar (Folsom, CA)

The owners of Sociology Coffee Bar came up with the idea that coffee and tea could be treated like great cocktails. That's why at Sociology Coffee Bar, you'll find house-made syrups that create great coffee and tea drinks such as hot buttered rum coffee, winter punch (which is like alcohol-free mulled wine without wine), and all sorts of other takes of great cocktails that mix surprisingly well into the coffee and tea lineup. 

The owners of Sociology Coffee Bar nailed it when creating a coffee culture community. Even during non-rush hours, a steady stream of steaming coffee and tea went from barista to customer. One thing that caught my eye as the perfect symbol of what Sociology Coffee Bar is all about:  a propagation wall. It is the neatest idea. Underneath the "Leaf One, Take One Propagation Wall" signage, people are encouraged to bring a sprig of something they'd like to share with others and can take a starter of what's growing in little glass jugs on this wall.    That idea warmed my heart like that great apple chai warmed my stomach. On that “things to do in Folsom” list, make Sociology Coffee Bar one of your stops!

At Green Valley Road Self Storage, we take pride in helping with all aspects of the moving day, including tips on how to make moving day easier. We recommend starting moving days off with a great cup of coffee or tea from Sociology Coffee Bar!   Because we genuinely love our community, we want to promote all the excellent shops, restaurants, and activities in El Dorado Hills and neighboring towns like Historic Folsom. Please help us learn about other great places like Sociology Coffee Bar by stopping by a state-of-the-art self-storage facility. We're just a few miles up the freeway from Historic Folsom. See you soon!

Sociology Coffee Bar is located at 705 Gold Lake Drive, Suite 390
Folsom, CA  95630
(517) 760-4447
Hours of Operation Monday through Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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