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The Game Getaway (Folsom, CA)

The Game Getaway (Folsom, CA)


If you want to buy a gift that never goes out of style while also spending time in a shop that's a load of fun for different reasons, get over to The Game Getaway! This wonderful shop in Historic Folsom was one of my favorite finds, and I can't stop talking about it (ask anyone I've spoken with in the last 24 hours, and they'll confirm that fact). From when I walked in the front door of The Game Getaway to right now, I'm still talking about what a fun find this shop was and how I will make it one of "my places". Here's why I'm so excited about The Game Getaway!

The Game Getaway (Folsom, CA)

Game Playing community is a Friendly One

Like other shops I visited in Historic Folsom, The Game Getaway is dedicated to building a sense of community. And for doing that, The Game Getaway has the best game in town (yes, pun snuck in). It's a shop dedicated to those who love playing board games, from those you take home to those you want to play right there in the shop. My favorite thing about The Game Getaway is that you can play board games with others right there in the shop. For a nominal per-person fee, you and your friends can come in the shop and play games all day long. The Game Getaway has a HUGE library of games available for those who love to play board games. It's a terrific concept because you can play many games throughout the day, try new ones, and even find no longer sold games. Talk about building community!

Another Era That Never Gets Old

The Game Getaway is more than just a board game store. It’s a trip back in time. Board games definitely bring about memories of a different era, and that’s the vibe of The Game Getaway. In addition to a massive selection of board games, The Game Getaway sells toys that are also from a different era. Remember Jacks (that crazy game you play with a bunch of silver jacks and a small bouncing ball)?  How about those mini-skydiving figurines that sit inside an individual hand launcher? When was the last time you thought about jumping rope? At The Game Getaway, you’ll find an authentic, three-person jump rope complete with ten classic jump rope singing songs. These are just a few of the class games that never get old and are found at The Game Getaway. What would be the most popular game sold in a place so well stocked with games such as The Game Getaway? Here's what I found out. Tsuro is the biggest seller. This is a relatively simple game where the goal is to be the last person with your token on the board. While it sounds simple, the difficulty increases as the board fills up and fewer empty spaces are left. Not only that, but other players’ tiles also create paths for you that influence the direction you move. This game is what’s known as an abstract game.  Code Names board game, on the other hand, is a competitive, fast-moving game of cracking a code. This game aims to crack secret codenames of designated spies before your opponent can do so. And the third game that's always popular is none other than Ticket to Ride. This beautiful game has simple rules, with the tension of the game coming from being forced to balance greed with fear. Do you follow the strategy of adding more cards to your own route or possibly lose a critical route to a competitor? Ticket to Ride has won numerous awards worldwide and comes in several versions, including one where you play with a partner yet can't exchange words.

The Game Getaway (Folsom, CA)

It's More Than Games at The Game Getaway

If it isn’t enough that this delightful shop has board games for every age and taste, there’s an impressive collection of puzzles for sale as well. From a simple 3D Ornament Ball puzzle to a 9000-piece jigsaw puzzle, you’ll find a beautiful collection of puzzles at The Game Getaway. While I was looking at these puzzles (and wondering how anyone has the patience to do a puzzle with anything more than 500 pieces), I got curious about the history of jigsaw puzzles. In fact, the name alone is intriguing. According to historians that know such things as the origin of jigsaw puzzles, the original puzzles go by their name because they were a picture or map mounted on a piece of board and cut with a jigsaw. While initially used as educational devices in the 1700s, the puzzle became extremely popular as a hobby in the early 1900s. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world's largest-sized jigsaw puzzle measured 58,435 square feet and contained 21,600 pieces!

Whether you want to add to your current stash of board games and puzzles or hang out in the company of others who love to play games, too, The Game Getaway is the perfect place to visit on your next trip to Historic Folsom.

The Game Getaway (Folsom, CA)

Green Valley Self Storage

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The Game Getaway
809 Sutter Street
Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 234-7541
Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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