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We Love El Dorado Hills, CA


We love being apart of the El Dorado Hills community. We'll tell anyone that comes into our facility just how much their this city and its residents mean to us. We hope each of our customers sees how dedicated we are to providing a great storage experience. We are conveniently located at the streetlight corner of Green Valley Road and Miller Road, directly across the street from Folsom Lake Marina located at Brown's Ravine.

You know what we love best about being in this area? All of our great neighbors!

Our area is filled with so many local and chain restaurants that make El Dorado Hills the amazing city that it is. From Cascada Restaurant and Catina to Folsom Lake our neighborhood has a diverse range of businesses and activities that not only we enjoy but we know our neighbors enjoy as well.

Can we talk about The Shop Massage? We all need to wind down once and awhile and this is the place to do just that. 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes all give you the opportunity to relax, and relieve some stress. We'd be lying if we didn't say we've found ourselves on the massage table after a long day.

Need a refresher? Peet's Coffee & Tea is right down Green Valley Rd. and have the most amazing tea in town. We love stopping in for an iced green tea. We also love stopping into Bakerie & Latte Chateau for a quick bite on our busy days because life's too short not to enjoy the best baked bread in town.

We also can't help but mention how much we love sushi and thank our lucky stars that Kochi Sushi and Japanese Bar & Grill are right down the road. The Green Valley roll and Folsom Lake roll are two of our absolute favorite rolls on the menu. Just saying, if you haven't had them you should go, like, now. Trust us, you're going to fall in love with sushi all over again.

And if you're looking for a place to wind down that also offers a really cool atmosphere we highly suggest The Purple Place. Yep, everything is indeed purple but so was Monica and Rachel's apartment and everyone knows what an awesome place that was. The Purple Place prides itself on being El Dorado Hills' original roadhouse. The Purple Place is threefold, it's a delicious cafe with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. It's a sports bar with specialty cocktails that will definitely take the edge off. The patio also creates a an excellent spot for enjoying a brew and a burger while catching some rays. Also, don't forget to bring your favorite pooch as it's a dog-friendly location.

Folsom Tap House is another bar we love to hang out at when we get the chance. They have a great selection of wings, sandwiches, and burgers. Plus, a mac n'cheese you do not want to miss. It's called Piggy Mac N'Cheese and along with the original pairing, includes BBQ pulled pork, sausage, BACON, and bread crumbs! Talk about YUM, right?

So Much to Love About The El Dorado Hills Community

Not only do we absolutely love all of the local businesses near us but we just love the whole El Dorado Hills community. We are so happy to be apart of such a diverse and wonderful community. We love that our El Dorado Hills town center is looking to expand. This means we get more awesome neighbors to get to know.

We think it's awesome that our community hosts so many fun activities around the city. Like the Cameron Park Concert Series we recently had. Who attended? Sound off in the comments and let us know which act you really loved.

We also love all of the monthly breakfast mixers that allow us to meet with other members and businesses in our community. We really pride ourselves on being big on our community. We want our community to see our commitment to being involved and hope that other businesses can work with us to make El Dorado Hills an exceptional place to live with businesses who really care about their neighborhood and its residents.

We love talking with members of our community. So much so that we encourage residents and other businesses to stop by anytime to chat about things going on in our community or just about how self storage can help their business or homelife.

Whatever the topic, we love listening to what our neighbors have to say and want to continue to grow those friendships and bonds for as long as we can. We hope you have seen just how much El Dorado Hills means to us and how happy and proud we are to be apart of such a great community of people and businesses. There really is no place like El Dorado Hills and we can't wait to welcome any new business or residents to our wonderful city.

If you're new to the city and need a new friend or just want to stop by and introduce yourself and/or your business our doors are always open. We want everyone in our community to know us as the friendly neighborhood self storage facility. A place that's dedicated to keeping the neighborhood a happy one and your house an organized one.

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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