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We Love Growing Communities Like Elk Grove


Have you ever visited Elk Grove, California? If not, you are missing out! Elk Grove is a growing community and one of interest for us here at Smart Self Storage. Our Harbour Point Self Storage is a facility that is located within Elk Grove and is considered our pride and joy. We simply love the Elk Grove area, and we always tend to lean towards area throughout the state that are considered up and coming, yet keep that strong sense of community!

About Elk Grove

Elk Grove is located in Sacramento County, and has estimated population of around 167,000 as of 2015. Between 2004 and 2005, Elk Grove was considered the fastest growing city in the US! It was during this time that people could see Elk Grove was going to be more than what people had originally thought.

Today, Elk Grove is home to several hip companies like Apple, and is the home base for several companies like Frontier Communications of the Southwest. In addition, new businesses are entering into this area on a yearly basis, along with new homes being built to help families grow and stay in this area.

Why is Elk Grove Considered a Growth Community?

Many people who travel to this area are amazed at how large this area has grown in just the past 20 years. However, it is an area that is in high demand for families along with businesses. This is why the area is considered a growth community. And, this is one of the reasons why we put our Harbour Point Self Storage facility in this location, as we can help facilitate the growth of the community.

How Self Storage Helps Growing Families

How are families using our facilities? In several ways! Consider this scenario, a family of 3 welcomes a new baby into the family. Now, comes the hard part. Where do you put the new items in your home for the baby? Many times, the older children in the family have toys that they may no longer play with, yet they are items that the parents cherish. After all, who could get rid of a toy that helped their oldest to learn to walk? In addition, it could be a toy that the new baby could use later. This is where self storage comes into play. We have had several families rent our smaller lockers for those toys and clothing items that they want to keep or use with the new addition to the family. At Harbour Point Self Storage, we love families.

There have always been situations in which a growing family is moving into a new home. While they are waiting for construction to be completed with a new home, they may have to store their entire home in of our storage facilities until construction is complete. This is a common scenario, as many growing families put their home on the market and have it sold sooner than they think. This is due to the Elk Grove area being one in which many people want to move into, and they snatch up those smaller homes steadily once they hit the market.

Another huge plus for families, they leverage self storage for their items should they be outgrowing their home. In many situations, when a family starts to outgrow their home, they may consider moving into a new area. However, that is not a fear for Elk Grove families. They know that they can simply put those items they no longer use into storage and they can free up room in their home without having to move or renovate. We help Elk Grove families get the most out of their homes.

Self Storage Helps Businesses

The businesses in the Elk Grove area are growing and new businesses are being located here every day it seems. These businesses have always used our self storage facilities to help. For example, many businesses grow out of one location and need to put their records or those pieces of office furniture that are no longer helpful into our storage facilities. They know, that their items are safe here, and they now have the room to conduct business as they always would.

Other businesses that are moving into the area have utilized our storage units as a place to put items while waiting for their new store to be completed. Due to our security standards within our self storage facility, businesses can rest assure that any office equipment or even products that they are selling are under lock and key with multiple lines of defense (including on-site management who live at the facility and personalized gate codes for entry/exit)!

We even have construction crews who use our self storage facility for storing their machinery and tools! Why do they do this? Because our self storage locations are secure, and they need not worry about their items if they take a few weeks off before starting on a new job in the area. Why take everything back and forth when we can offer a solution? And we have a solution that is right in the neighborhood! This makes everything much simpler and provides you with access at any time that you need!

Some businesses may not move into a new community until they know that a dependable self storage facility exits. We are proud to play this role in the Elk Grove, CA community. This way, it frees them up from thinking about transporting goods and items from one location to another. For many businesses, this is just an added bonus and reason for moving into the area!

Thank You, Elk Grove

We absolutely adore the Elk Grove area, and believe our Harbour Point Self Storage is one of the best self storage facilities that we own. We love how this is helping the area to grow and move in the right direction. It is this initial love of the community that has spurred our new facilities in growing communities throughout the Northern California area (including our newest Roseville Self Storage), and will continue to do so for many years to come. We believe that being part of a community is one of the best ways to succeed with whatever you are offering, and Elk Grove is proof that this works!

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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