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Dales Diner Sign

Dales Diner Review (Long Beach, CA)


Blast to the Past

Let's take a blast to the past with Dales Diner located in Long Beach, California. Just minutes from Lakewood Self Storage. The outside looks just like a soda shop from the 50's and when you enter, it's like a time machine has taken you back to the era of ponytails, poodle skirts, milk shakes and Be Bop Do Whop music that is proudly playing from a colorful juke box.

Dales Diner, Long Beach, CA

Slide in and take a seat in a booth that looks like a vintage car seat. Or, if you'd like, you can sit at the counter and talk the ears off from the soda jerk who is making all the tasty shakes! Dale's scenery will have your eyes looking around in amazement for days! The staff is very welcoming with big smiles on their faces, and when you're ready, they're ready to take your order.

We've Got Chills!

Dales Diner, Long Beach, CA

Speaking of orders, the food is to die for! Loaded hamburgers, french-fries, large salads and grape soda shakes just like mom grew up with. Let's not forget all the other flavors of milk shakes with whip cream and a cherry on top! Their menu is very versatile with lots of choices to choose from. This cute retro joint is known for their specialty shakes and very hearty breakfasts. Don't be fooled though, Dale's Diner has a lot more to offer than just burgers and shakes. One dessert that I must recommend is their hot brownie a la mode with vanilla ice cream, whip cream and hot chocolate fudge syrup. It's big enough to ask for two spoons and share it with your bestie. But it's so good that you're going to want it all for yourself!

Dale's Diner draws in a whopping 4.5- star rating review that is very well deserved. You have the choice of dining in, take out or even delivery at Dale's Diner.

Dales Diner, Long Beach, CA

Safety First

They even have outdoor seating for those of you who enjoy the outdoors. Dale's Diner follows CDC, Health and Safety code requirements and masks must be worn and the staff must disinfect surfaces between all visits.

Something for Everyone!

Dales Diner, Long Beach, CA

I'm the manager over at Lakewood Self Storage and recently, after my shift ended at Lakewood Self Storage, I met my family at Dales Diner. The clientele were friendly and we enjoyed ourselves very much. I can honestly say that this diner is very family oriented and people from 1 to 100 will feel very comfortable dining there.

Dale's hours of operation are 7:00am to 9:00pm, Monday through Sunday. So, if you are in the mood for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Dale's gotcha! And remember, as always, come and say “hi”, I'd love to share a good story and a shake with you while listening to some oldies but goodies playing on the juke box!

Lakewood Self Storage

Lakewood Self Storage is very proud to be a member of the Lakewood/Long Beach community. We are constantly looking for things to share with our customers! Please come by and let us know your favorite place in Lakewood/Long Beach.

Happy eating, from Lakewood Self Storage.

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4339 E. Carson Street
Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 425-7285

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