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Humblebrags Eatery Review - We Love Lakewood, CA


At Lakewood Self Storage, we love our local community! In fact, our resident managers live on-site right here at Lakewood Self Storage. Today, we want to celebrate one of our favorite local restaurants. Just a short half-mile walk from our self storage facility is Humblebrags Eatery! We hope you enjoy today’s restaurant review by Lakewood Self Storage Managers Jessi and Robert. Without further ado, let's jump into their review...

Humblebrags Lakewood CAHad the opportunity to visit Humblebrags in Lakewood yet again last night. As always, we could not have been more satisfied. This new gem is located right near the entrance to Lakewood Golf Course on Carson and right around the corner from Lakewood Self Storage. The decor is reclaimed old world wooden planks with gorgeous black and white photos from Lakewood's surprisingly interesting history as well as photos of Lakewood PD's old radio cars and other Lakewood nostalgia from the 50s and 60s. This place gets pretty busy in the evenings, unfortunately there is only about six tables inside. However, there is usually plenty of bar space as well as some pretty cool outside tables. We usually opt to wait for a table inside and enjoy one of Lakewood's finest local brews from Timeless Pints brewery. Humblebrags always has the newest micro brews from TPs on tap. Last night it was TP's new IPA green tea and clover, outstanding at 8.3%!

The food! There is an assortment of price ranges to choose from. You can get an outstanding burger and onion rings for around $15, or splurge for the $29 Filet Mignon (what I always get for dinner) of which you will not be disappointed. If you know the difference between a good steak and a bad one, you will appreciate their cuts. However, it's more than likely you will be eating it for breakfast the next day, as before the masterpiece arrives you must work your way through an appetizer like the goat cheese and marinara and two side dishes and while you can choose from incredible onion rings or fresh grilled asparagus, you will have to look no further than the prosciutto mac n cheese. Seriously, take my advice, prosciutto mac n cheese people!

If you're not interested in dropping $80 on dinner, head on over and catch breakfast at Humblebrags. The patio is perfectly situated facing south for that great warm sun in the morning. They even let you take your dog on the patio, just bring them around the back directly onto the patio. I'm a huge fan of Eggs Benedict, and was quite sad they did not serve it. As a matter of fact, I wrote a Yelp Review about 6 months ago where I mentioned how awesome it would be if they started serving Benedict. Guess what? They now serve a fantastic Benedict, there's just no excuse now.

At Lakewood Self Storage, we love Humblebrags. It's the perfect place to refuel after a busy day of moving items in or out of your self storage unit! Thanks Humblebrags for being such an amazing neighbor. If you want to try out Humblebrags, here's their info:

Location: 3325 Carson Street, Lakewood, CA
Email: info@humblebrags.com
Phone: (562) 429-3161
Website: www.Humblebrags.com

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