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Pet Food Express Cat Adoption

Not Your Average Pet Store (Pet Food Express Review)


Lakewood and Long Beach area pet parents rejoice! Located at the intersection of Long Beach Boulevard and E San Antonio Drive is Pet Food Express: a place to take your pet for some much-needed pampering and bonding. The store caters to all your pet needs big and small. At Pet Food Express you can purchase food for a multitude of different pets with certain items tailored specifically for different diets and health conditions.

Feeding your dog top tier food doesn't have to be expensive nor complicated; wholesome, limited ingredient pet foods are fresh and ready for your pup's next meal in PFE's frozen foods section. Gourmet meals and treats are sold fresh and some varieties are sold by the pound.  On top of how easy it is to find something your pet will absolutely adore, the shop also offers a "B3GF4" (Buy 3 Get the 4th Free) incentive. Items from an array of different categories like food, treats, toys, and dog wash tokens are eligible for this special.

Pet Food Express Lakewood Long Beach

Pet Washing Stations!

You might be wondering what dog wash tokens are... They are one of the resounding features that make PFE so special. Unlike your average pet food store, Pet Food Express boasts unique pet washing stations where pet parents can take their animals (from dogs to cats and everything in between) for a self-service bath. All you have to do is buy tokens priced at $15 each which are good for one bath (lasting 25 minutes) which is plenty of time to bathe up to two pets at a time. Thankfully, there's no need to worry about making messes at home nor bending over uncomfortably to bathe your furry friend; Pet Food Express even provides you premium shampoos to choose from. After you're done with washing, you can towel dry your best friend then move on to the air dryer. As of February, the self-service pet wash stations are currently open for public use.

Pet Food Express also offers many other resources, which are not strictly limited to what is on display on the shelves. Prior to the pandemic Pet Food Express had many events available to the public including a large pet fair hosted in the Bay Area, in-store adoption events, and in-store Cat adoption centers. Apart from their focus on high quality goods for our life companions, the company also focuses on finding better homes for both cats and dogs.

Pet Food Express Lakewood Long Beach

Pet Adoption: Pet Food Express Truly Cares

This is ultimately why the company works hand in hand with many shelters in attempts to not only encourage but help facilitate the adoption process. The in-store cat adoption center is very special as the cats rescued from shelters are cared for until they are adopted. These efforts were ultimately very successful as there has been over 1,250 (and counting) cats adopted through the in-store cat centers which can be found through multiple Pet Food Express locations. Additionally, donations are made to their partnering shelters, with over $400,000 being donated cumulatively in the last year! The donations given to the partner shelters are used towards crucial supplies for their adoptable pets, and the owner's devotion to pet heroes doesn't stop there! Pet food express also developed their Pet Superhero discount program in order to give back to hard-working employees, volunteers, foster families, and other supporters that are crucial to the pet rescue system, and shelters.

For people who don't have a furry cat in their lives yet, the adoption center is available throughout multiple locations, including the Long Beach location. If you're worried about expenses for your new furry friend, worry not! There's also an additional 20% discount for adopters! This is just one of the many ways, Pet Express gives back to our furry friends and pet lovers!

We know social distancing and staying at home is important for many looking to make in-person purchases and Pet Food Express cannot make it any easier to buy all your pet essentials safely. The store offers convenient pick-up and delivery options. Shoppers in the local area can receive their items delivered right to their door and folks living a bit further out can still enjoy the ease of ordering an item and picking up in-store.

Pet Food Express Lakewood Long Beach

Pet Food Express has something for every pet lover no matter what kind of pet you have. And, with their amazing contributions to their community, it's no wonder they are a stand-out in our city. Stop by and receive amazing service and top-quality products all while giving business to a team that gives back.

Pet Food Express
(562) 984-4444
4220 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90807

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