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Self Storage For The Aviation Industry


When is the last time you were in a plane? Yesterday? Last year? Our last plane ride was an exceptionally great one. Then again, we're kind of biased when it comes to planes. We kind of have a thing for them. Seriously - come to our facility and you'll miniature airplanes everywhere. We're not ashamed of our obsession. Planes are awesome and the people that fly them, even more so.

What's great about being located in Lakewood is the proximity to Long Beach Airport. We love that we're only about 8 minutes apart because that makes us a great source for pilots and those in the aviation industry. We love when we can help out our neighbors and show them all the ways self storage can help their businesses or home life.

How, exactly, can a self storage facility help those in the aviation industry? Well, there's actually a number of ways. From keeping an airport more organized to using self storage for pilots or flight attendants always on the go, we want to share our top uses for self storage for those at Long Beach Airport and other people in the aviation industry.

Extra Parts

Having a place near the airport that gives you space to store plane parts and equipment that won't crowd your airport is a great source to have around. Sometimes areas around an airport can become seriously cramped, especially with all of the extra parts and equipment you aren't using right away. Having a self storage unit 8 mins down the road makes it easy to keep those extra parts you aren't using in a space that won't crowd your work area. It will also help things run more efficiently for everyone involved.

Pilot and Flight Attendant Gear

Pilots know the hustle and bustle of an airport can be a little overwhelming at times. Sometimes you get called in for a flight that you hadn't planned on being on and you're stuck with dirty clothes and a long flight. Having Lakewood Self Storage so close to the airport means that pilots can have a secure space to keep an extra luggage case or store spare clothes to take with them when they're in a bind.

This is also works great for flight attendants who feel like they never have enough time to get fresh clothing or materials in between flights or in emergencies. While this may not happen too often, knowing you have a storage unit filled with everything you might need for a quick or emergency flight will give you peace of mind.


If you have a storage unit already in use then you can have part or equipment deliveries sent to our facility instead of the airport. (Of course, certain packages may be too large for delivery. Please check with our management team for more details, and to discuss your personal situation, before starting the deliveries.) This makes it easier to keep track of everything you have order and not have to transport those parts or equipment from the airport to your unit. We have a number of larger units that are perfect for this kind of thing. You no longer have to crowd your work station with deliveries that aren't a priority. Remember, efficiency and convenience can go a long way.

Supporting Green Airport Program

Wait, how can a self storage unit help the Long Beach Airport's green initiative? Well, there are actually a number of ways. A self storage unit that is so close to the airport can be used in conjunction to all the other green initiatives already taking place in the airport. During renovation and new construction projects that take place as the airport becomes more environmentally friendly, a self storage can come in handy. Having a place to store everything during a renovation can be a real help, not only will it prevent crowding other parts of the airport but it gives you a secure location to keep all of those important airport supplies.


Self storage makes a great additional feature or location for anyone in the aviation industry. With so many uses, self storage makes being versatile an added bonus to the competitive price and convenient location for those interested in a Lakewood Self Storage unit. Plus, it simply makes life at the airport or on the go easier and more convenient. Don't believe us? Ask one of our current customers how self storage has made their life just a bit more efficient. With over 40% of our current customers having been with us for over three years, they're definitely the right people to turn to for tips and advice.

So whether you're ready to rent your unit before your next takeoff, want to help support the airport’' green initiative by using self storage, or simply want to see what self storage is all about we encourage you to stop by our facility so we can discuss how you can use self storage, or to simply say, “hi”. We love to chat with our neighbors, so don't hesitate to come in and talk with one of our friendly on-site managers. They'd love to give you a tour, talk aviation, and show you exactly what our well-maintained, modern facility can do for you or your business.

Want to discuss the Boeing 747? We'd love to.

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