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Birdies DTLA

Birdies DTLA (Los Angeles, CA)


You cannot possibly reimagine the classic chicken sandwich, a staple of American fast food, can you? Birdies LA has & it is amazing. Forget what you think you know about or have heard when it comes to chicken sandwiches, Birdies has changed the chicken sandwich game forever with their tasty and savory creations. Strap in & get ready to take your taste buds for a ride.

Created by Jason Harley (aka Chef J), Birdies LA became the flagship location in Downtown Los Angeles. The concept was to take the coffee shop feel/vibe and elevate it to casual dining with their artisanal Donuts and simple yet diverse menu selection. Birdies LA opened for business on March 26th, 2016 and set up shop on 314 West Olympic Boulevard; Right where Mabel’s, a lunch-focused chicken & waffles joint, used to be and not too far from Los Angeles Self Storage.

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Birdies DTLA Los Angeles

Last Wednesday, Tony & I (Adam) stopped by Birdies after doing some marketing in the neighborhood. Birdies does get a bit packed around mid-day (Lunch Rush) but we were able to call in our order before they stopped serving breakfast! Like I mentioned earlier, their menu is simple and yet, there is plenty to choose from at the same time. I would get one of everything if I could! Anytime we go there, we take time to appreciate the artwork that surrounds the restaurant,. From very nicely Spray-painted koi fish on the sidewalk, to Albert Einstein in the side of the restaurant itself with demonstrating how great coffee + amazing artisanal donuts = Birdies LA.

Birdies DTLA Los Angeles

As soon as you walk into Birdies, you are greeted by the sweet aroma of their freshly made-by the hour- donuts. From a classic chocolate glaze that is sometimes sprinkled with edible gold stars, making it look like the deep & dark void of a chocolaty space. There's also an old-fashioned glazed donut sliced in half, filled with Nutella, fresh banana slices and lastly, topped with powdered sugar. Another donut has a caramel crisscross pattern & a fluffy type of whipped cream in the donut hole that, surprisingly, does not turn watery the way whipped cream would after a few minutes of being out. As you walk deeper into the eatery, you are carried away by the savory fragrances of the many spices & the chicken being fried to perfection.

It was a difficult decision but, Tony decided on the "Bridies Original Spicy Chicken Sandwich", nothing like some delicious heat to wake you up! I, On the other hand, chose the "Birdies Breakfast Sandwich" WITH…you guessed it! Two thick & crispy Chicken strips. I also got one of their lemonades and a maple bacon donut. Even with the Lunch-Rush, Birdies offers their patrons fast and easy service. Within a few minutes we were out the door and headed back to feast.

*Chef's kiss*

Their sandwiches are made with free range, veggie fed, antibiotic free chicken, to ensure the highest quality. The Spicy Chicken sandwich is topped with a refreshing and crunchy coleslaw that pairs well with the thinly sliced colorful spicy peppers. The peppers are full of flavor and make the sandwich even more appetizing to the eye. The soft buttery buns are smeared underneath with a spicy house mayo of their own making, that also balances the sourness of their cured pickles. I am unsure as to what sorts of seasonings they use to coat the chicken in but, they are always evenly cooked. Soft & juicy inside, crispy & savory on the outside. In the end, their chicken strips almost resemble tempura. Now THAT *chef's kiss* would be next level.

Next on the menu, we have my choice, The Birdies Breakfast Sandwich with Chicken strips. Much like the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the breakfast one uses the same delicious chicken type of chicken and spicy house mayo. The main differences are with their apple smoked bacon, the eggs and cheese. First off, I don't know how they did it but, their bacon is not greasy at all when compared to most places. Again, evenly cooked, crispy yet moist enough that you get some juices from it. The scrambled eggs are so soft and fluffy that they almost melt in your mouth! They're like delicious yellow clouds between two warm buns, all held together by a mouth-watering gooey blanket of melted Tillamook cheese.

Birdies DTLA Los Angeles

The sandwiches were topped with a fantastic Maple Bacon Donut that we shared. All their donuts are freshly made-by-the-hour and from scratch. You will never have a stale old donut from Birdies and that is a fact, my friends. The salty and savory flavor of the apple smoked bacon bounces perfectly off of the sweetness of the maple glaze. It is the perfect desert for a perfect meal. This whole meal was nicely finished off with their refreshing lemonade. Refreshing, not overly sweet or sour, a great balance in natural flavors.

All in all, Birdies LA is the neighborhood spot to go. They are open 24hrs, the staff is great, it's affordable yet has a slightly high end feel to it and very accessible. If you are in DTLA hanging out with your friends, you just got off work or you simply want to try something new, go to Birdies. It will be the best decision.

Birdies DTLA Los Angeles

Los Angeles Self Storage

We at Los Angeles Self Storage, love stopping by for a quick bite after closing. There's nothing better than relaxing with one of your coworkers after a long day. I've even gone by myself on my break since it's so close by! And since it's so close by, Birdies is the perfect place to treat yourself on moving day. Come by and visit us at Los Angeles Self Storage, we'd love to hear from you!

Birdies DTLA is located at 314 W Olympic Blvd.
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