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Crypto.com Arena

Crypto.com Arena (Former Staples Center)


Earlier this week, a customer called asking for information and asked me, “What makes Los Angeles Self Storage so great?”. I told him about how we’ve been voted the best Storage Company in Downtown LA by DT News; the customer was impressed and reserved a unit. After that interaction I was left thinking: What makes LASS so great? Besides our Award winning customer service?

Crypto.com Los Angeles, CA

Crypto.com Arena

Any who, the other day my coworker and I decided to look outward and we headed into Downtown to try and find out what else makes Los Angeles Self Storage so great. Los Angeles is this great big melting pot of cultures where everyone has something to contribute such as music and food. Although sometimes there may be a language barrier, the one thing we noticed is that almost everyone loves sports, especially the Los Angeles Lakers. So, naturally, we headed to the home base of these two beloved teams: The Staples Cent-Oh Wait! I mean: the Crypto.com Arena!

Crypto.com Los Angeles, CA

As we walked through the arena grounds, we observed all kinds of people enjoying the grounds as well. One of the many attractions at the Crypto arena, besides the various events they host, are the many Life-size statues of various sports legends such as: Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, Oscar De La Hoya and, of course, the gone but never forgotten Kobe Bryant. Currently, all these sports legends have their own statue on the Crypto arena grounds except for Kobe. It’s been said that Kobe will be getting his own statue once he is inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Crypto.com Los Angeles, CA

Crypto.com Los Angeles, CA

Sports, music, etc!

Crypto.com Los Angeles, CA

Tony and I continued to walk around and explore the area. We could see many more statues dedicated to the LA Kings as well as some of the old commentators, which Tony got to sit and have a chat with! There was going to be a Kings match later that day so we could see all the banners and posters up showcasing the players and logos. You could almost feel a buzz in the air, people were excited. Besides the arena, you have the LA Convention center where you can enjoy events such the LA Art Show in the West Hall & LA Comic-con, which I REALLY hope to go to this year!

You also can enjoy other live musical events at the famous Microsoft Theater. Some of their upcoming events are Cirque Du Soleil, Netflix Is A Joke Fest & Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure: The Official Concert of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z! I’ve never been to an actual concert myself, but the DBZ event sounds exciting. Once you’ve had your fill of sports and/or musical entertainment, there is a wide variety of restaurants in the immediate area to choose from. From SmashBurger to Yard House to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar. Personally, I say go with Yard House, it never disappoints.

Make your experience, a fun one!

Crypto.com Los Angeles, CA

Tony & I got back to the office, and I thought I’d ask some of our customers what they liked about both LASS and the venues we just visited. Most of them told me that, much like at these great venues, you will find great people at Los Angeles Self Storage. Both the friendly staff and other customers. They also love how close everything is to them.

Most of our customers live and work in the area so they really enjoy being able to stop by the facility, take care of their errands, grab lunch nearby or enjoy a Laker game if there is one. Some, like myself, really like the movie theater by the arena and the many other little restaurants in the surrounding area. Others have recommended that we visit certain spots and enjoy the amazing murals and various art pieces that are out for the public to enjoy, both on the Arena grounds & its surrounding areas which are full of little neighborhood parks.

Los Angeles Self Storage

I’d say Los Angeles Self Storage is its own mini melting pot, with customers coming here from all over , not only for our attentiveness to their need and friendliness, but our willingness to go the extra mile for them and our local recommendations as well. We’re like their very own Downtown Concierge if you will. So, when you need a storage unit, stop by Los Angeles Self Storage to find out what’s great about us!

Crypto.com Arena
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