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Gus's Drive-In (Los Angeles, CA)


Drive-ins are a staple across many communities. Infamous for their classic plates, and a very uniform dining experience. Despite this the local community in Los Angeles has managed to put an excellent twist on the local drive-in. It is evident with the multitude of fusion restaurants and smoothie shops that the city values healthy food choices. Gus's Drive-In is a great reflection of this, and provides a healthy drive-in option for all of us to enjoy. Read on to learn more about what makes this spot a favorite with our neighbors and with us.

Gus's Drive-In Los Angeles


When thinking of a drive-in the first thought that might come to mind are the burgers. Perhaps breakfast or steaks, all classic plates that we have come to know at diners. The menu here at Gus's provides both, and has just the right amount of everything else. Dishes include chicken fajitas, ribeye steak, paninis, wraps and even fried chicken. We can also find a veggie or turkey burger. There will definitely be something here for everyone.

Gus's Drive-In Los Angeles

A highlight of Gus's Drive-In is the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Here the burgers are made with truly fresh ingredients. Buns are warmed to perfection, and paired with a seared vegetable, or meat patty. Side dish options are limited to just fries and salads. The salads are phenomenal, with fresh cheese, olives, and your choice of dressing. Gus's is one of the few places to offer a salad with your burger. Customers can also go halfway and have the best of both worlds with fries and salad.

Not Just Burgers

Beyond their burgers, We can find paninis! With avocado, choice of meat, and lettuce. The bread is pressed to the point where it is not burnt, but has visible toaster marks. The Wraps come in a spinach tortilla and are big enough to keep you full throughout the day. Salads are made with a variety of leafy greens, olives, red onion, and are paired with either a vinaigrette dressing or classic ranch. It's important to note the portions here are big. A healthy appetite is welcomed or the to-go box is always available.

Gus's Drive-In Los Angeles

Drive-in or eat-in

All plates and entrees at Gus's drive in are within $10 dollars. They include a drink, fries, salad, and the dish. At the time of this post people are allowed to eat in the designated open air eating area. The patio is open and there is plenty of seating for all the hungry patrons. If you're short on time or prefer to just pick up, then the Drive in is always open. Drive thru ordering is simple and they even have free parking.

Gus's Drive-In Los Angeles

A staple of our community

As previously stated the food options at Gus's are different in a great way! As a team we value the freshness and availability of having a healthy and delicious dining option. Downtown Los Angeles is eclectic with an abundance of places to get a quick bite. If you ever find yourself in the mood of fresh and quick then Gus's Drive in is a must!

Los Angeles Self Storage

At Los Angeles Self Storage, we truly love Gus's Drive-In. In fact, we are close neighbors! Gus's Drive-In is located just a mile away from our self storage facility. We have found that moving and self storage can lead to a great appetite. On your big moving and storage day, don't forget to stay hydrated and nourished! Gus's Drive-In is a great option for doing just this. Here at Los Angeles Self Storage, we truly love our local community and neighbors. We would love for you to stop by and let us know your favorite spots in DTLA!

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