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Helping Animals: Our Los Angeles Self Storage Holiday Charity Drive


At Los Angeles Self Storage, we are a reflection of our incredible community and customers. One day, a member of our community in need walked through our doors, a stray cat. We immediately knew that we needed to help this cat, however we had no idea what to do. That is, until we remembered that one of our very own customers had extensive experience with animal rescues and shelters. So, we gave that customer a call and asked for their opinion! We were immediately connected with ARME Animal Rescue Media Education (and other pet rescue services), and found a new home for our visiting cat within three days. When we say that we love our community and customers, this is what we mean. We are not just a self storage facility, we are a neighbor, a member of the community, and here are here to serve! At Los Angeles Self Storage, our sense of purpose is deep.

Los Angeles Self Storage ARME Animal Rescue Holiday Gift DriveWe are also a reflection of our incredible employees and team members. Another fun fact: Our amazing (quite frankly, incomparable) manager at Los Angeles Self Storage is a pet enthusiast. In fact, his cockapoo has become an Instagram celebrity, reflecting his love for animals, social media, and the entertainment industry. We're Los Angeles Self Storage, after all, so we totally love Hollywood and the Los Angeles lifestyle! In fact, we offer Self Storage For Movie Productions and Film Crews.

Each year, Los Angeles Self Storage and our parent company, Smart Self Storage, gives back. While we give back year-round, we especially focus on giving back during the holiday (giving) season. This year, we are giving back to the animals of the greater Los Angeles Area. In partnership with ARME, we are collecting pet beds, blankets, toys, and treats for dogs, cats, and rabbits! Simply drop by our Los Angeles Self Storage office and you'll see our convenient drop-off area right near the front door! We invite you to help out and drop by today. Remember: No donation is too small. Any and all gifts will greatly help – it's the thought that counts.

Some specifics worth noting: Our drop-off deadline is December 15 to make sure the animals get these needed items before the Christmas holiday. Also, pet beds, blankets, and toys do not need to be brand new. New or slightly used works great.

Already, we are experiencing an incredible response from our community. It is so clear that our customers and community care just as much about Los Angeles (and all of its residents) as we do. We have been blessed to see two corporate sponsors make large, gift-basket donations, and a variety of individuals, customers, and employees too. That being said, we want to really go all out here. Let's come together as a team, and see what we can do for those dogs, cats, and rabbits in need. We still need donations!

Please join us this holiday season by helping. Please join us in saying thank you to non-profit organizations like ARME who have made it their mission to help others. There is no greater gift than the gift of giving. Let's spread joy and happiness this holiday season, together. If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to call us at (213) 784-4761 or simply drop by at 1000 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

A closing idea: We know you are incredibly busy this holiday season. Why not make shopping for you donation a family event? How much fun! The gift of giving is so incredibly powerful. When approached as a family activity, it gains even more meaning. Thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy day to say thank you and help those animals in need. It means the world to the greater Los Angeles community. We wish you an incredible holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Our Holiday Gift Drive Collection Center (Right In Our Main Office)

Los Angeles Self Storage Holiday Gift Drive Collection Center

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