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Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo - Sushi & Teri Restaurant


Congrats! You just finished storing all your things; The couch that you wrestled with in the hallway, the flat screen you almost dropped but didn't, thanks to your cat-like reflexes, and you even had enough space for your significant other's things even though they said it would just be “like a box or two”. Now, you must save the day by finding something to eat close by! Lucky for you, I know just where to go, Little Tokyo!

Little Tokyo - Sushi & Teri Restaurant

Little Tokyo has been a part of Los Angeles since 1885, when former sailor, Hamanosuke "Charles Hama" Shigeta, opened the Kame Restaurant on East First Street, originally the southeastern end of Los Angeles. At nearly 140 years old, it is the 2nd oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles, and a CA Cultural District. It is also 1 of 3 remaining historic “Japan towns” left in the nation!

Little Tokyo is easily one of Downtown Los Angeles most popular areas to eat, shop & hang out. There are tons of restaurants and little shops that range from art, fashion, and anime where you can buy awesome collectables and best of all…fresh sushi! If you love sushi at a reasonable price as much as I do, Sushi & Teri is the place to go; The staff is always attentive, and hospitality is one of their top priorities.

Little Tokyo - Sushi & Teri Restaurant

Good Food as Always~

Little Tokyo - Sushi & Teri Restaurant

For lunch, I had the chicken teriyaki bento box, which consists of juicy grilled chicken with a savory teriyaki sauce, a small salad, steamed white rice topped with sesame seeds, fresh fruit, 4 pieces of a California roll and lastly, a side of mixed veggie tempura. I also ordered a rainbow roll which is a California roll with a variety of fresh fish on top, as well as some avocado slices! Like always, the food was delicious; Sushi & Teri brings back a lot of good memories of the many times visited, the quality of the food and service remains as great as ever!

Little Tokyo - Sushi & Teri Restaurant

After lunch I decided to walk around the plaza and explore a little since it looked like some things had changed. If you have more of a sweet tooth, Little Tokyo has some awesome cafes with all sorts of Japanese pastries and drinks to choose from; That being said, I must admit, I normally hit up Boba Time for a cold Thai Tea after any sort of meal at little Tokyo. I personally don't like the little Tapioca Pearls, so I always ask to leave that out. Boba Time also has a few tasty treat options, I normally go for a couple of coconut macaroons which are just *chefs kiss*, especially when they're nice and cold! The filling is perfectly sweet, and the coconut flavor really comes through. Boba Time has a pretty good variety of flavors and combinations to choose from.

Once I had my drink and tasty coconut treat, the trifecta for the day had been completed! *The Little Tokyo Trifecta* is a delicious meal of some kind followed up by a refreshing Thai tea and a treat like the macaroons. Also yes, I came up with that while eating sushi!

Los Angeles Self Storage

Much like Sushi & Teri or Boba Time, at Los Angeles Self Storage we strive to provide the best customer service experience possible and making our customers feel welcome, whether you're visiting and need to store some luggage, a college student going home for the break, you name it! Los Angeles Self Storage always has something for everyone!

Sushi&Teri is located at 116 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, right in the heart of the plaza, and Boba Time is in the corner of 372 E 2nd St. Be sure to stop by the office on your next visit and let us know what you thought of The Little Tokyo Japanese Village!

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