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Pershing Square Downtown Los Angeles

Pershing Square Ice Skating Bonanza


Summer is upon us, but All I can think about is the coolness of an LA Winter. Pershing square is the home of one of the most fun Ice skating events in Downtown Los Angeles. Families, Couples, and friends alike felt the Christmas spirit and skated happily.

Interested in checking out Pershing square this coming winter? Awesome, us to! But first, plan your trip. Free Parking and street parking is extremely limited in Downtown. Even more so with all the construction in DTLA. Thankfully there are plenty of parking structures you can expect to pay about $10 to $15 dollars to get a spot walking distance to the square. Another option is to carpool, take an Uber, or ride one of those fancy scooters the youngsters are talking about.

Pershing Square Ice Skating

Once you find parking make your way to the skating rink. The tickets are $5 for skate rentals and $9 for general admission. This gets you one full hour on the ice and skating shoes. Make sure to get the correct shoe size skating comfortably is important. Lockers are conveniently offered for $3 each. Or you can just leave your shoes laying about near the benches (almost everyone did this including myself and I did not lose a shoe!). The guys and gals giving out the skates are nice and will help you find a pair to get skating!  It is worth noting the time limit so don't dilly dally and get on the ice ASAP.  Do you happen to be a seasoned ice-skating pro? If not, not worries, as all skill levels are welcoome. So, grab a little penguin or go solo and get ready to fall. They offer small penguins with handles think of them as training wheels for children (or adults) learning to ice skate.

It is all fun and games on the ice, everyone is having so much fun no one notices you falling. Kids will outskate you so be ready, and do not race these little speedsters.  Make your way around the rink and don't crash into anyone, if you do then, help each other up. Holiday cheer will fill you heart. Pershing square is perfect for a first date. The Laughter, good music, and friendly people make this experience memorable. Downtown Los Angeles lights up during the winter with friends and family.  Even though summer is here, it is nice to have a little reminder of what is to come in a couple of months!

Pershing Square is just one of many awesome events we get to experience. Here at Los Angeles Self Storage we are part of the DTLA community and cherish moments like this. In addition to being part of a self storage family, we provide exceptional service to our downtown neighborhood. If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood check us out. We are close to most major Downtown Los Angeles events and offer excellent storage solutions to businesses, students and just about everyone else. Feel free to stop by and say hi! We truly love our local Downtown Los Angeles community.

Pershing Square Los Angeles Ice Rink

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