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Self Storage Tips for USC Students


As a college student, you can never have too much room, but unfortunately dorms aren’t that spacious. Most students have found that self storage is a cost-friendly way of adding a bit more space to store clothes, old books, and supplies that they may not need during the semester. Self storage in the Los Angeles area isn’t scarce. But at Los Angeles Self Storage we offer a variety of small units at competitive prices and awesome student discounts targeted at our college student community.

Now, you may think you have everything under control. Your books are neatly stacked in a corner of your dorm, you created makeshift drawers under your bed, and you didn’t bring out of season clothes with you from home. Good for you! But, as the semester goes on you’re going to accumulate more books that you’re going to keep because they pertain to your major (not talking about that random Geology class you took for the easy credit). And, you’re going to find that going home to switch out clothing just isn’t as feasible as it once was. You’re going to go on trips with your college friends, maybe even study abroad, and you’re going to find your life is now based in Los Angeles, not your hometown. It happens. It’s part of growing up and going to college.

There are many reasons USC college students need a self storage unit. Below we’re going to name a few and give you some helpful tips for taking full advantage of your unit.

Completely Affordable

Have you seen that video of a college student at his home football game with a sign that reads “Mom, send beer money?” If you have or even if you haven’t as a college student you know money is scarce. But self storage units are actually really affordable for USC students especially when specials are targeted towards them. At Los Angeles Self Storage, we love USC and take great pride in being part of the downtown Los Angeles and USC community.

Los Angeles Self Storage even offers a “1st year price guarantee” which means we won’t raise the price of your unit for the entire 1st year that you rent with us!

So before you try stuffing all of your belongings into your dorm room, consider spending just a few extra bucks on a self storage unit that will allow you to organize life a bit better.

Easy Access

College students don’t have a regular 9-5 schedule. As a student you have classes spread randomly throughout the week at varied times so having access to your storage unit when you need it is important. Los Angeles Self Storage is conveniently located in the downtown Los Angeles area and can be accessed anytime between 7am and 7pm on weekdays.

You don’t have to worry about going out of your way just to get an extra pillow you had stored away for your weekend away with friends. Spend more time enjoying your time in college while knowing your belongings are safely stored away.

Bonus: Los Angeles Self Storage also allows college students the ability to PAY ONLINE! No more driving down to the facility to pay for your unit just open a tab in your browser head to our website and click the “Pay Online” button.


So you’re moving into your sorority or fraternity house? How exciting! But that means you’re losing a lot of closet and storage space. Good thing you have a storage unit, right? Oh you don’t? Well, we can help with that. When you’re planning on downsizing your living space, or even planning a summer trip to your hometown but don’t want to take all of your things home a self storage unit will come in handy. Short-term or long-term, self storage units provide you more space. Space to organize, space to add to your living space, and space to keep your belongings when you aren’t around.

Headed to Italy for a semester? Great! Pack up your USC dorm and move it Los Angeles Self Storage. We’d be happy to look after it while you’re away. Moving dorms after summer vacation? While you’re in between living spaces put your things in storage.

Now that we’ve covered why you should rent a self storage unit we’re going to over some helpful tips for using your unit.

Choose the Right Size

Size is important when it comes to picking out the right unit. Los Angeles Self Storage offers a variety of small units to choose from so you don’t overpay for space you don’t need. These small units are small enough to fit all of your belongings but big enough that you don’t feel like you are in a cramped closet.

Take a look at what it is you’re storing, how big the items are, and then you can decide what unit meets your storage needs.

Book Early

You know the semester is coming to a close, which means you’ll need a storage unit to store your items over the break. But so will other students. Book your unit early so you can avoid being left without a unit.

What Belongs and Doesn’t Belong in Storage

Besides the standard hazardous materials, there are a few other things that don’t belong in your student storage. Books (related to the courses you are taking right now), paper, writing materials should all be kept in your dorm. You don’t want to store items you’re going to need throughout the semester. However, things like printers, out of season clothes, extra bedding, and oversized furniture don’t belong in your dorm or sorority room. All the libraries on campus offer printing services and if it isn’t a desk and chair your room doesn’t need any extra furniture (it’s cramped enough as it is). Besides that, it’s California. The puffy, furry coat you wear during a Minnesota winter really doesn’t really have a place in Los Angeles. Save it for the Colorado ski trip with your roomie.

Los Angeles Self Storage is the perfect place for any Los Angeles area college student, including our USC students! We want your college experience to be as clutter-free as possible. So stop by, take a tour, and free up your dorm room with a storage unit.

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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