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5 Local Places You’d Never Guess Have Great Gifts


Christmas is just around the corner, and we know this because we've been hearing all about it before we even started buying candy for the little trick-or-treaters and the Hallmark Channel's Christmas movies have been airing since June. 'Tis the yearlong season, right?

So who wants to stand in long lines texting everyone in your contacts, people you haven't texted since last year's Christmas? Guess is – and it's only a guess here – NO one.

For your convenience, here's a list of 5 places you can shop, places you might not have ever thought about, to find great and unique gift items at reasonable prices. And, they are all right here in our local community (Greater Oakley and Brentwood), the community we all love so much!

Ready? Here goes:

1. Raley's – Oakley, off Main Street. Yep, you read that right, no need to wipe your readers clean. On isles 15 and 16 you will find adorable little AND big Christmas items at great prices. They change it up all the time throughout the year too, sometimes seasonal and other times just cute adorable gift items with no particular season in mind. https://www.raleys.com/stores/raleys-main-st-oakley-california/ 

2. Brentwood Auto Spa – off Lone Tree Way – and you don't have to have a dirty car either; you can just pull right up and shop the many, short isles they have filled to the brim with unique gift items. Not just purses, tote bags and jewelry for women, but they carry some cool man-cave items as well. They have gifts perfect for bachelorette parties, very funny greeting cards, children's toys and socks for your footsies. Oh yah, and car stuff too, so your car enthusiast doesn't feel left out. http://brentwoodautospa.com 

3. Fancy Hooves – in Knightsen, is the ONLY gift store in Knightsen. To be fair though, there are only 1568 people living in this little, unincorporated town and I think that includes the cows too, but still, this little store has so much bling in it, you might need to keep your Oakley shades on, just to keep from going blind. Owner Sharrol has lots of horsey collectible items too, besides the cute tops, boots, and blingy things. https://www.facebook.com/fancyhoofsbysharrol/ 

4. Tess's Community Farm Kitchen – in Brentwood off Balfour Road is another off-the-beaten-path places that have hidden gems that will save you time, money and re-gifting from those who said they loved your gift, but really didn't. From farm-to-table, you'll find local honey by Miss Bee Haven, olive oil, Cowboy BBQ sauce and rare gift items crafted with love by local artisans. http://communityfarmkitchen.com 

5. Tractor Supply Co. – in Brentwood, off Brentwood Blvd. You don't have to own chickens, horses or live on a farm to walk through the automatic sliding double doors and find the cutest country knickknacks for sale all year long, e-i-e-i-OH. From soft camouflaged throws to candles and Americana décor, you'll even find Christmas ornaments for your Douglas fir and cowboy boots for Uncle Billy. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/store_BRENTWOOD-CA-94513_2145 

So take a break from the long lines, the always filled-up parking lots and all the people walking in shopping comas from the store entrances while you inch your car within a hair past their heels, and have yourself a merry little time finding unique gifts in all of these unique places.

At Cypress Self Storage, we truly love our local community and are so thrilled to share these local gems! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Here's Aisle 15 At Raley's Oakley With Cool Holiday Gifts

Here's Some Great Looking Soap (A Wonderful Gift) At Raley's Oakley

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