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Cypress Self Storage of Oakley Is Open For Business

50% Off ALL Self Storage Units For Your First Two Full Months


Here at Cypress Self Storage of Oakley, we are offering an incredible special to celebrate our grand opening: 50% off ALL of our self storage units for your first two full, calendar months. Today's blog post highlights this special coupon and our other specials right now. At Cypress Self Storage, we believe that members of our Oakley community (and surrounding communities like Brentwood, Antioch, Discovery Bay, and Pittsburg) should enjoy the absolute best quality self storage experience at extremely competitive prices.

Our Competitive Self Storage Prices

At Cypress Self Storage, we like to keep it simple and easy-to-understand:

  • We don't differentiate "web rate" vs. "in-store rate". All rates are the same because we value web customers and walk-in customers the same.
  • We don't change our unit prices all the time. We want to keep your life (and our life) simple.
  • We don't differentiate pricing based on where the unit is located within a certain hallway. We like to do business the old fashioned way, with our focus on keeping it simple and providing outstanding customer service.
  • We don't provide a special just on one or two units. Our current 50% off special for your first two full months applies to ALL self storage units.

When you go to our Units And Prices Webpage, you will see all of our prices! You will see that we classify our units by size: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. When you view prices on this page, the prices you are seeing are our standard monthly rates. For example, our standard monthly rate for a drive-up 10x20 right now is $260. We believe this rate is already competitive based on our market research for our local market.

Here is how our Units and Prices Webpage looks, quoting prices BEFORE any discount is applied:

Image of Units Prices Webpage quoting prices before any discount is applied

Our Grand Opening Special Applies To ALL Units (Our Special Is ON TOP of Our Standard Quoted Rates)

Here's where things get really exciting! You will notice right next to the monthly rate that it says "2 Months 1/2 off prorate". This is where you take 50% off our standard rate for your first two full calendar months. Here's what this means:

  • [Month 1 (partial month)] Let's say for this particular example that you move in mid-month. Your first month is prorated based on the number of days left in the month at the standard $260 price. Let's say, for example, that you move in on day 6 of a 30 day month. Here's the equation for those who love math! Month 1 rent (partial month) = ($260 / 30) * 25 = $216.67. (In addition, there is a $15 one time admin fee due for the first month.)
  • [Month 2 (first full calendar month)] Your first full calendar month is 50% off at $130. This is where you receive our grand opening special.
  • [Month 3 (second full calendar month)] Your second full calendar month is 50% off at $130. This is again where you receive our grand opening special.
  • [Month 4 and thereafter] Your third full calendar month goes back to our standard rate of $260. However, you are eligible at this time to apply one of our other discounts. Ask about our specials for: military, seniors, firefighters, and police.

Of course, if you rent on the first day of the month, the 50% special applies to your very first month because your first month is a full calendar month. Please also note that our grand opening special applies to ALL units. There is no marketing gimmick here, just fabulous customer service.

We Offer Great Value Above-and-Beyond Our Monthly Rate

Cypress Self Storage truck

In addition to our fabulous move-in special, we offer so much more:

  • We are part of Smart Self Storage, a company that owns 12 self storage facilities throughout California. With roots dating back 40 years, we are locally-owned and truly care about our communities. This translates into prioritizing customer retention over rental rate increases. We are "Home of the 1 Year Price Guarantee" (we will not raise your unit rate for the first year you are here). And, we are typically very conservative when it comes to raising rental rates thereafter. (This is so different in an era of computerized algorithms throughout our industry that raise rates aggressively.)
  • We just purchased a brand new moving truck, and we allow our customers to use our moving truck for free for moving items into our storage facility. We simply ask that you return the truck with a full tank of gas (it will have a full tank when you receive it). We also have some terms and conditions you need to sign, and the truck is subject to availability. Just think of how much money you will save on moving truck fees! (And, how much time and hassle you will save not having to go elsewhere to rent a truck.)
  • Our administrative fee is only $15. When you are out there comparing prices, please make sure to ask about this. We have found that our admin fee is the best in our industry.
  • We offer a free disc lock to all new customers who "check-in" at our facility on Yelp or Facebook.
  • We offer free tote bags, pens, flashlights, and key chains to all new customers, just because we care!
  • We offer free bottled water, coffee, and snacks in our luxurious office space for all customers. We care about you!

Cypress Self Storage Is State-of-the-Art

Of course, our self storage facility offers a lot more than great prices. The features at our facility are truly exemplary. our units are all individually alarmed. We offer a state-of-the-art digital video surveillance system. Our intersection is four-way signalized with left turn lane. Please check out our Features Webpage for a full list of our incredible features. We tend to believe that the quality of our facility is truly unique.

Please Find Your Self Storage Unit Today

If you are interested in checking out our brand new self storage facility, please drop by today. Our office hours are 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Saturday. And, we are open 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on Sunday. You can also call us at: (925) 625-6001.

Worth noting, at Cypress Self Storage we have a strict COVID-19 Policy in place. We are here for you during these unprecedented times, in a socially distanced way.

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