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Cypress Self Storage of Oakley Is Open for Business


Hi Oakley, we are proud to announce that we are now open for business! That's right, we opened our doors for business on Thursday, August 20. Our first week has been amazing and all of us at Cypress Self Storage are excited. To commemorate our opening, team member Ian put together this fun YouTube video that describes the incredible ease of entry/exit at our property. (With the brand new left turn lane and our complete intersection re-signalization that we personally installed, it is so easy to access our self storage.) After watching today's video, make sure to check back here because Ian will be posting videos throughout the coming weeks about his favorite features of our facility. We hope you enjoy today's video!

Our Self Storage Has An Amazing Location In Oakley

We are located at 207 E. Cypress Rd., just across the street from Delta Vista Middle School and Iron House Elementary School. We are incredibly close to Emerson Ranch and Delaney Park. You will notice our self storage right away from our beautiful landscaping installed all along E. Cypress Rd. We love the City of Oakley. We love our specific location in the city so much because there is so much development and growth in our local neighborhood. With so many new homes being constructed all the time, we feel blessed to be in a neighborhood that is so beautiful.

We Re-Engineered The Intersection For Ease of Entry/Exit

When we started building Cypress Self Storage of Oakley, we thought of everything. We view Cypress Self Storage as a premium self storage within the cities of Oakley and Brentwood. We think about our customers constantly and want to do everything possible to make your life easier. So, it was absolutely apparent when we started construction that we would make major improvements to our intersection at E. Cypress Rd. and Picasso. Specifically, we installed a new left turn lane and we re-signalized the entire intersection with new traffic signal equipment. You can enter our facility from any direction at our four-way signalized intersection. Whether you are new at driving a moving truck or a seasoned pro, our four-way signalized intersection makes your life easier.

Our Self Storage In Oakley Accommodates Huge Trucks With Ease

In today's video, you will see how easily our site accommodates large trucks. We intentionally installed wide drive aisles and a simple, circular site design. You don't have to worry about too many parked cars nor traffic congestion, as our site is exclusively a self storage facility. A 52-foot truck can easily enter our facility and pull right around to our abundance of drive-up and interior units. We also went to the extra effort of installing concrete drive aisles (instead of asphalt). Whether you are driving in your personal vehicle or a large truck, Cypress Self Storage is engineered ot make your life easy. 

We Offer The Latest In Security

With individual keypad access and individually-alarmed units, we installed the latest in security technology. Our incredibly sophisticated video camera system keeps check on the site 24/7. Perhaps most importantly, our site is designed in "fortress style." Our entire facility is surrounded with a thick, tall CMU block wall. We hope you choose to stop by or call today. We cannot wait to hear from you and exceed your self storage expectations! We spent years designing and building Cypress Self Storage, and put our customers first in all design decisions! Thanks for watching today's video.

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