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Dog Sitting in Suitcase Oakley, CA

Dog Gone Summers


I remember the first time we adopted a dog. It was in early Spring, the kids were in school, and we thought we had planned out everything we would need. Dog bed? Check. Dog food? Check. Chew toys? Check. Shots, Spay, Flea & Tick meds? Check, check, and check. Having only been cat people before, we were really enjoying the transition to having a dog for a change.

Then summer came, and we realized we can't just go on vacation like we used to. Let's face it, cats are easy to deal with when you're on vacation. If they're outdoor cats, you just need to have a neighbor stop by to feed them and make sure they have water. And if they're indoor cats, it's pretty much the same thing, except also have that neighbor check the litter box.

But dogs; now that's something completely different. Dogs need more attention. They need to interact with someone on a daily basis, usually more than just once, too. You can't just leave a pile of food for them and expect it to last a week. They'll eat it all the first day, and then go hungry the rest of the time. With dogs, you're pretty much left with three options. Bring them with you, hire someone to watch them, or drop them off at a boarding facility. Let's talk about the first two options first.

Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

If you've ever gone camping with a dog, you know that it's both convenient and a fairly easy task to have your pet tag along. You need to be aware of the rules for the campgrounds; if they allow animals, if the animals need to be on a leash the entire time, and etc. And you'll also want to be aware of what other animals may frequent the area where you are camping, especially when it comes to the little creatures, like ticks.

If you're not into camping, or there aren't any campgrounds near the places you want to visit, there are some hotels that are dog friendly. There are even some hotels that offer services for your pet while you're staying. Some only offer simple things, like a fenced-off dog play area, while others offer more, such as dog walking/feeding services. And, if you're really into pampering, there are even some hotels with doggie day spas, too!

Even if there are no dog-friendly hotels where you are looking to travel, you can always check to see if there might be an AirBnB location, or something similar, that will allow you to bring your pet(s).

In-Home Dog Sitting

But what if your dog can't travel? Perhaps they have a fear of being in a vehicle, or they don't adjust well to strange places. Or perhaps, like one of our dogs, they have a medical reason why you can't bring them along. Your next option is to hire someone to watch your dog. Here, there are two basic choices: hire someone who will stay in your home while you are gone – or at least stop in a few times each day to feed and play with your dog – or find someone who will have your dog live at their house while you're away.

Either way, if you're not hiring someone you already know and trust, make sure you get references from people they've previously performed this service for. There are apps where you can find people who hire out for this, such as Rover or Wag!, but even then, make sure you know who it is that you are hiring.

Boarding Facilities

One of the things I discovered recently, is that PetSmart offers pet hotels! Although the closest one to Oakley that offers this service is the location in Concord, it is still an option if your pet might need more attention than an occasional walk around the neighborhood while you're traveling.

Thankfully, there are also companies in the Oakley area that offer this service as well.

Delta Dog Camp

Located at 1315 B Main Street in Oakley, Delta Dog Camp is the only facility I have found that operates in the city of Oakley. There are more options available in Brentwood and Knightsen, but Delta Dog Camp is conveniently located less than a mile from the Highway 160 onramp. The facility offers Day Care services at $10 for a half-day (5 hours or less), and $20 for a full day.

For overnight services, their rates are $40 per night for one dog, $78 per night for two dogs, and $105 per night for three dogs. If you forget to pack your dog's favorite food, they do offer a grain-free diet at $3 per dog per day. And they have training classes, as well as board & train programs available as well.

Their facility is set up with two outdoor play areas with sand and grass sections, climbing structures, and a pool! Your dogs might end of having more fun than you do! They also have two indoor play areas, as well as ‘dens’ where the dogs are housed at night. They really have covered it all!

Delta Dog Camp Oakley California

Cypress Self Storage

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