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La Costa: Authentic Mexican Food, Great Value (Oakley and Brentwood, CA)


At Cypress Self Storage, Oakley's newest self storage facility currently under construction, we love our local community. In fact, we just published our Top 10 Fun Things To Do In the Delta Area, celebrating our local community. You may have noticed that La Costa Taqueria is our favorite taqueria in the tri-delta area. Today's post dives a bit deeper into our passion for this great spot. Get ready for our La Costa Taqueria restaurant review!

We all have those evenings in which dinnertime approaches and nothing is planned, everyone is exhausted and nobody wants to cook. Even if you weren't completely spent, there's nothing in the house to cook anyway. But no one really wants to go to the grocery store or go out to eat, but you want something better than the usual fast food fare.

Here in the Delta area, the go-to place for those evenings seems to be La Costa. There are two locations conveniently located in Oakley and downtown Brentwood.

Los Costa offers inexpensive but high-quality and authentic Mexican food. The tacos, which you can order either individually or as a platter with rice and beans, have the choice from a variety of meats: beef (carne asada, not ground beef!), chicken, pork (al pastor or carnitas), shrimp, and more. Their meats are the stuff of the best food taco trucks, without having to inhale gas fumes.

The burritos are made fresh with whole beans, and have the same meat choices as above. There is also the option of vegetarian or just beans and rice. (FYI - both these options are vegetarian, but the "vegetarian" has more vegetables.) The burritos are fully stuffed and large enough to satisfy the heartiest of appetites, or have enough left over for lunch the next day. But in case that's still not enough, there's a Super Burrito which you can order "wet" as a platter with beans and rice.

In addition to tacos and burritos, there is a good variety of other standard Mexican faire, including tortas, tostadas, quesadillas, nachos, taco salads, and more.

Please beware - if you are not used to authentic spicy Mexican food, you might want to stick to the milder burritos and quesadillas and work your way up at La Costa.

There are some differences between the two restaurants. The Oakley restaurant has a much more expansive indoor seating area, and more seafood options besides shrimp, including oysters and octopus. The Brentwood site offers some indoor seating, but the patio is especially nice in temperate weather. When it gets a little too hot in the summer (which it tends to do in the Delta area), the misters are employed to provide relief from the heat.

The plate choices also vary between the Oakley and Brentwood sites. For smaller people and appetites, there is a kids menu at the Brentwood site that includes burritos, nachos and quesadillas.

For drinks, the standard soft drinks and bottled water are available, plus horchata, Jamaica and tamarindo. The Oakley site also offers Jarritos and beer.

Service is fast and friendly, and you can pre-order over the phone for takeout to save time. However, the Brentwood location is cash-only, so be prepared.

When you want fast, fresh and satisfying local Mexican food, take a cue from your neighbors and make sure to visit La Costa and La Costa Taqueria.

La Costa/La Costa Taqueria is located at 3100 Main St. in Oakley, and 355 Oak St. in Brentwood. Open daily 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. 625-1515 (Oakley), 240-5299 (Brentwood).


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