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Drive-Up Self Storage In Oakley, CA

Oakley, CA's New Self Storage Facility Offers TONS of Drive-Up Units


We know that drive-up self storage units are so important to our customers. That's exactly why we designed our brand new, premium self storage facility with an abundance of drive-up self storage options. At Cypress Self Storage, we offer drive-up 10x20, 10x25, and 10x30 storage units (with a few other sizes too). Conveniently located on E. Cypress Road just across the street from Delta Vista Middle School and Iron House Elementary School, we are now open for business and have the drive-up unit that is perfect for you. Of course, we love interior units too, and will give those units some love in our next blog post. For now, however, let's talk about our fabulous drive-ups.

As Oakley's New Self Storage, We Take Drive-Up Storage Units To The Next Level

Let's start out today with our YouTube video overview of our drive-up units. Join team member Ian for a tour of our self storage facility:

Incorporating All of Our Best: Cypress Self Storage

Cypress Self Storage is the latest innovation of Smart Self Storage, a locally-owned company with roots dating back 40 years. At Smart Self Storage, we own and operate 12 self storage facilities throughout California. We even own and operate a high rise self storage facility in Downtown Los Angeles called Los Angeles Self Storage. Because we have been in the self storage industry for so long, we have learned so much over the years. We are always striving to improve, and are always open to new ideas. Cypress Self Storage literally incorporates everything we have learned about self storage over the last 40 years. We love being part of Smart Self Storage because we are a smaller, locally-owned business, but are also part of a company that is strong and stable. After all, our customers deserve to have the peace-of-mind that we are not going anywhere.

Lighting Is Abundant At Cypress Self Storage

When you choose to invest in renting a self storage unit, you deserve the absolute best. At Cypress Self Storage, all of our storage units that are 10x15 and larger include a generous interior light. As portrayed in the video above, all of our 10x30 units and large include a bright double light. When our customers are in their units loading and unloading belongings, we never want you to worry about poor lighting. Lighting should be absolutely abundant, and that's what you deserve! In addition to interior unit lighting, we decided to go "all out" at Cypress Self Storage with our exterior lighting as well. During the winter months, you may be utilizing your unit while it's dark outside. Our quality lighting, interior to your unit and exterior, will make it a breeze to enjoy your drive-up self storage unit.

Concrete Is Utilized Because You Deserve It

At Cypress Self Storage, we spared no expense. One example that becomes readily apparent when utilizing your drive-up self storage unit is our extremely wide concrete drive aisles. At Smart Self Storage, we have learned that concrete is so much better than asphalt. When you walk on asphalt, it can leave marks on your shoes. When you move boxes on asphalt, they can get dirty. Asphalt can get really hot in the summer sun. At Cypress Self Storage of Oakley, you get to enjoy all of the benefits that concrete drive aisles bring, especially with your drive-up self storage unit.

Our Facility Is Outstanding, But Our Team Is Exceptional

We are so proud of our self storage facility. We've been working on it since 2017, after all, and are now officially open for business. However, the greatest part of the Cypress Self Storage experience is not even the facility, it's our team. Our team is always here for you. Knowledgeable about our local community and passionate about customer service, our team will always do what it takes to make your self storage experience exceptional. Please stop by today or call. We cannot wait to exceed your expectations. And, don't forget to ask about our special: 50% off your first two full months!

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