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Sabrina's Pizzeria (Our Restaurant Review, Oakley, CA)


Every time I go on a diet, or make a promise to start eating healthier, there is always one item that I never seem to be able to give up: pizza. I mean, can you blame me? There is just something magically addictive about those large wheels of deliciousness! This time, when the craving hit me, my family and I decided to try out Sabrina's Pizza, which is located in the same shopping center as Rite-Aid and Lucky's on the corner of Empire Avenue and Main Street. It's nestled in between Great Clips and Polar Bear Ice Cream, which is a great place to go for dessert after, if you still have room for dessert that is.

Sabrina's Wall

As I normally do when trying out a new location for the first time, as soon as we entered, I took a look around. There is a lot you can tell about the experience you're about to have just by the way the restaurant looks. If the walls are plain, or overcrowded, or the décor doesn't seem to have a theme, it makes me wonder how organized the kitchen is, and how much flavor the food will have. And if the dining area is disorganized, or if it's not clean, then I wonder how much the owner's even care about their restaurant. Luckily, Sabrina's passed both of the tests. The walls are decorated with either with large screen televisions, or some form of sports memorabilia, but not in a way that it looked gaudy or crowded. Each piece had a place, and everything fit very well. And the dining area was clean, organized, and the staff looked ready to service their guests.

Sabrina's Appetizer

As I looked around the location, probably drawing some wondering glances from the employees, my wife checked out the menu. The first thing that caught her eye, were the appetizers. One of the most difficult things to do, is to sit in a restaurant, smelling all of the wonderful aromas, while you wait for your food to come. Having appetizers available is a perfect way to change that, and Sabrina's offers eight different appetizer choices, including some you probably won't see at many other pizza places, like Tempura Green Beans, and Potato Skins. For this visit, we chose the Tempura Green Beans, and our son ordered French Fries. Both of the appetizers arrived at the same time, and both were very well prepared. The Asian sweet ginger sauce that came with the beans was excellent!

The Pizzas Arrive

Sabrina's Veggie Pizza

Just about the time when we were polishing off the appetizers, our pizzas arrived. Sabrina's has six different specialty pizzas on their menu. We chose the Heart of Oakley, which is a vegetarian-style pizza with the addition of artichoke hearts and a garlic white pizza sauce. Our son decided to go simple, and only added sausage to his pizza. We were impressed with both of the pizzas when they arrived. The crusts were thick but not heavy, they had just the right amount of toppings, and the cheese was browned perfectly.

A side note for those with dietary restrictions, Sabrina's pizzeria does offer a gluten-free crust, though it is only available in the Medium size, and there is an extra cost. The menu did not offer any dairy-free options.

Sabrina's Pizza

Overall, I was very much impressed with Sabrina's. They offer really great food at affordable prices, a wide range of beverage options including a half-dozen different beers on tap, several selections of wine, and plenty of soft drinks, too. The restaurant was clean and an attractive place to enjoy a meal away from home, and the multiple big screen televisions mean you won't have to miss your favorite team. And, unlike some sports bars that I've been to, where the volume from the televisions is so loud it's hard to have a conversation, that wasn't the case at Sabrina's. It really was a great experience from the moment we walked in the door, and I will definitely return again!

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