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Savor House - A Japanese/Chinese Fusion Restaurant In Oakley, CA


The other day, as I was driving out of the Lucky's Shopping Center located on the corner of Empire and Main Street, I was waiting for a couple of cars to exit. I happened to look over at the Savor House restaurant, and realized I hadn't tried it since it opened up. Since my wife and I were due for a night out, we headed over that Friday night after work. The first thing I noticed as I walked up, was that the sign said the restaurant served both Chinese and Japanese food. No doubt, I was intrigued, since I love both types.

My First Impression: Comfortable, Friendly, Great Service!

As we entered, we were immediately greeted by one of the servers, who directed us to a table, placed the menus in our hands, and asked us for our drink order. I ordered a bottle of Sho Chicu Bai Nigori Sake, an unfiltered version of the typically clear liquid. Nigori sake is always served chilled, and this was at perfect temperature. I found it to be slightly sweeter than a standard sake, but very enjoyable. The server, who was completely delightful and attentive through the entire meal, took our appetizer order next. One of the items on the Japanese side of the two-sided menu caught my eye right away: Fried Asparagus. I ordered that one with great anticipation, and my wife requested an order of edamame—soy beans seasoned with Japanese pepper. When they arrived, the asparagus looked amazing. It had been fried to perfection with a light gold tempura batter crust, and came with a small bowl of sweet & sour sauce for dipping. Absolute magic!

Checking out the Décor

While enjoying both appetizers, I took a look around the restaurant, which wasn't that busy inside, though I had noticed at least a half-dozen customers come in and pick up to-go orders. There were three or four other tables with guests at the time, but a good portion of the ample seating was empty. (I estimate they have seating for 70 or 80 people). The décor is very appealing, with cream colored table cloths, and dark wood chairs. Two of the walls are painted a striking, bold red, and the other two are made up of mostly windows which let in a good amount of light, giving the interior a welcoming and comfortable feel.

But Wait, a Sushi Bar too?

I'll admit, I was a bit surprised at first to see a full service sushi bar, which also included the standard fare of wine, American and Japanese beers, and sake. They also make several cocktails using sake, which I will definitely try on my next visit. The sushi available includes: Sashimi (raw fish without rice), Sushi Combo (raw fish served on a sweet vinegar rice), Sushi Nigiri (raw fish served over seasoned rice), Sushi Hand Rolls (raw fish served with seasoned rice and seaweed), and Sushi Maki (hand rolls with the seaweed on the outside). They also have a decent selection of cooked and deep-fried rolls, too. I've had entire meals of just sushi in the past, and based on the selection offered, I will most likely do the same here in the future, as well!

Getting to the Main Course

The main course sections of both menus held the standard fare, but my wife and I were in an inquisitive mood, and decided to go with dishes we've never tried, just to see how creative the chefs at this location are. Our first order was Family Style Tofu, which was served with mushrooms, snow peas and carrots in a spicy sauce. We also tried an order of Hot Garlic Sauce Eggplant, and an order of Fried Rice.

All three of the entrees were excellent! The tofu was tender with just a bit of a crisp crust, and the combination of vegetables and mushrooms in that dish blended perfectly. The eggplant was cut into chunks and breaded, and looked very much like Sweet & Sour Pork. Though the sauce on this dish wasn't as hot as expected, I would definitely order it again! I also couldn't have been more pleased with the fried rice. It was just sticky enough to be picked up with chop sticks, but not so sticky that it clumped together, which is a difficult trick, trust me! I've tried!

Overall Ratings

I have to give this location high ratings. It was light, airy and comfortable inside, making me want to come back again, the service was excellent (our server was always nearby but never intrusive), and the food was flavorful, well prepared and left me wanting more! Based on all of the options they have available at Savor House, my wife and I will be back again soon, and often, too!

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