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Sticky Chicken & Ribs Restaurant Review (Brentwood, California)


We are Oakley California's newest self storage facility! Currently about to start construction, Cypress Self Storage truly looks forward to serving residents of Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Antioch, and surrounding areas! We are also incredible fans and supporters of our local community. Today's blog post is a reflection of our passion for local restaurants, a review of Stickey Chicken restaurant in Brentwood, CA (not too far from our self storage facility in Oakley). We believe that good food and self storage go hand-in-hand. After all, moving can be a bit physical and help one work up an appetite. Look no further than Sticky Chicken to satisfy your self storage hunger! We hope you enjoy the review!

According to their website, Sticky Chicken & Ribs was "created in the owner's backyard in 1994, with a few mouthwatering recipes inspired by their upbringing in Michigan, enjoyed by their family and friends."

They opened their doors in Brentwood in 2006. Long-time Tri Delta residents may remember when they were in the shopping plaza next to Slatten Ranch. At the beginning of 2017, they moved to their new location in downtown Brentwood (where the old Emporium used to be). In my opinion, this location is far better. They probably get much more foot traffic from downtown, especially during the summer during the downtown summer concert series, and the Saturday Farmers Market.
The cornerstone of the menu is the titular sticky chicken. It is delicious, with a sticky, tangy, slightly sweet sauce, but there's no way to eat it gracefully. But so worth it! You can order 3 to 15 pieces, with white meat only or a mix. And you can order boneless wings as well if you don't want to deal with the bones.

The BBQ baby back ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender (the menu even tells you that you "don't need teeth"), available in full, half or quarter racks, and are just as delectable. The barbecue menu also features tri-tip, hand-made hot links and pulled pork. If you're having trouble deciding, and you’'e come with a big appetite, there are combo platters. 3's a Crowd features ribs, chicken and tri-tip; The Stop Sign includes the ribs, chicken, tri-tip and pork; and the Handfull Platter boasts all five meats: ribs, chicken, tri-tip, pork and hot links.

If traditional barbeque is not your thing, there are also jumbo wings and Neil's boneless wings (good job, Neil!) available. And you can get any BBQ item a sandwich, plus there are burgers, and a full kids menu.

I highly recommend getting the cole slaw and cornbread to go with your entrée. The coleslaw is made with fresh apples and is truly amazing. There are tons of other sides available: potato salad, baked beans, grilled zucchini, mixed green salad, white or brown rice, garlic mashed potatoes, chili, French fries, mac & cheese and home-made onion rings made from scratch. Although I have yet to try them, the onion rings have been described as particularly "nom" (for the uninitiated, that means "yummy"). Chocolate cake and ice cream scoops are available for dessert. 

The service is fairly fast, but it's definitely not fast food. I would describe it (as do they) as "express dine-in". You also don't feel rushed, like you might in some restaurants in which you can tell the waitstaff is waiting for you to shovel that last bite in your mouth and pay your bill so they can bus your table and have it available for other waiting customers. 

It's a great place to bring the family, as there are foosball and shuffleboard tables and ample room for kids to run around and be loud. However, if you're an over-21 adult and in the mood for a cold brew away from the kids, right next door to Sticky Chicken & Ribs is the Mannheim Social Club Beer and Bottle Shop -- same floor, separate area, which keeps it segregated from the family-friendly area of the restaurant.

This is an awesome place for happy hour or a night out with friends, as there is a huge variety of microbrew beers - 64 on tap in continual rotation, 300+ craft beers by the bottle in the shop. They range from very light lagers, British ales, IPAs, and thick creamy stouts, and varying degrees of alcohol levels. The bartenders are very knowledgeable and will help you select the right beer for your taste. 

If beer is not your thing, there is also an extensive list of white and red wines and some soft drinks available. On weekends, you can enjoy the entertainment of live bands, usually blues/rock/jazz. There are also pool tables, and trivia nights on Thursday nights, and other fun events.

Because of their location in downtown Brentwood, parking may be at a premium, especially on the weekend evenings and especially during the aforementioned summer concert series and Saturday morning Farmers Market.

All in all, it's a great friendly casual place to unwind after a long week and have a great meal and/or a cold brew.

Sticky Chicken & Ribs is located at 561 First Street in downtown Brentwood. Hours are Sunday-Thursday  11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday  11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Catering available. (925) 240-2153. Take out is available, or delivery with DoorDash. www.stickychickenandribs.com. Like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/StickyChickenandRibs to get the inside scoop on specials.

The Mannheim Social Club is open Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to midnight. For calendar of events and available beers on tap and wine list, www.mannheimclub.com

At Cypress Self Storage, we are part of the Smart Self Storage family. We are you local, neighborhood self storage facility in Oakley, CA, and truly love our local community. Simultaneously, our parent organization owns and operates 11 (and growing) self storage facilities throughout California (and has roots in California real estate dating back 40 years!). You get the best of local focus with larger company stability and peace-of-mind. We truly hope you enjoyed our review of Brentwood's own Sticky Chicken. With our construction beginning soon, we cannot wait to open our doors and surpass your expectations! Thanks for stopping by our blog!

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