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A re-review of a Pasadena favorite: Marston's Restaurant


When I was given the choice to decide which restaurant I would visit for this quarter's blog, there was only one obvious choice. It was a restaurant I have passed countless times on my way to and from work. A restaurant that seemed to always have a line of people waiting to experience seemingly top-quality cuisine. A local restaurant that personifies the “Ma and Pop Shop” cliche. Again, deciding to go to Marston's was the obvious choice. So in our first ever re-review, we will be revisiting Marston's in Pasadena.

Founded in 1987 by Otis and Sally Marston, this small restaurant started as a simple breakfast and lunch diner. It was then passed to the current Chef owner Jim McCardy in 2000 where it has since flourished. Eventually the success of the Pasadena location was so successful that it inspired McCardy to open a second location in Valencia. He has since made sure that the original Marston's follows the standard it had from the very beginning- serving amazing breakfast and lunch. The Valencia location also serves dinner and alcoholic beverages.

Despite the past year, Marston's managed to stay in business and their loyal customers are to be credited for this. This is proof that customers looked to Marston's for comfort food during difficult year.

Why It's Our Favorite

When you first walk into Marston’s you are immediately hit with the incredibly inviting atmosphere. The friendliness of the staff is unmatched and they talk to you as if it were your 100th time being there. Unlike the big chain restaurants that reside in the area, Marston's give a unique feeling of being at home- and it seems like the other customers feel the same way. The great energy and politeness from the people around you make you feel that much more welcome.

Marston's Restaurant Pasadena CA

In our first review we made sure to try the amazing French toast with the works. The dish tasted so good the first time that we had to make sure we tried it again. The French toast rolled in frosted flakes tasted especially well with the syrup and butter. I found this dish to be very versatile in that it came with blueberries, pecan, strawberries, and cream. This was able to balance out the heaviness of the French toast with the lightness of the fruit.

Marston's Restaurant Pasadena CA

Even though we are now able to dine indoors, Marston's still offer outdoor dining and this helps since everyone is excited to once again experience Marston's hospitality.

Arroyo Parkway Self Storage

Here at Arroyo Parkway Self Storage, we pride ourselves in staying involved with our community. To us, experiencing all our home has to offer is essential- especially knowing that it has so much to offer. Missing out would simply be a waste. Like Marston's, Arroyo Parkway Self Storage will continue to do its best to ensure you have the best experience possible. We always strive for exceptional customer service like Marston's!

Check out our Top 10 Favorite Things To Do/Eat in Pasadena! Come by and let us know of your favorite things in Pasadena. We can't wait to hear from you.

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