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Anayas Restaurant Sign

Anayas Restaurant Review (Pasadena, CA)


Here at Arroyo Parkway Self Storage, we can proudly say that we love our community! We know that Pasadena has a lot to offer and we want to give our customers a front row seat to everything in the scene. In this blog, we will be focusing on Pasadena's Anayas Restaurant.

Colorado Boulevard

If you're a local of Pasadena, you already know that Colorado Blvd. contains a massive variety of amazing restaurants. No matter what you are craving, there is always a little something for everyone. If you happen to be craving delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine for an affordable price, Anayas Restaurant is for you. Located around Colorado Blvd. and El Molino Ave, Anayas Restaurant is a fairly recent addition to the Pasadena community.

Anayas Restaurant, Pasadena CA

Anayas Restaurant

Founded by three brothers, Gerardo, Jose Manuel, and Juan, Anayas Restaurant is a living testament that you can have high-end, top-quality food at an affordable price. The three brothers have a second restaurant as well. They are based in Los Angeles and have been known to work as chefs from time to time in addition to managing the restaurants. Going above and beyond for a customer is a principle that Anayas Restaurant shares with Arroyo Parkway Self Storage.

Catch up and Unwind

The experience begins as soon as you walk through the door. The modern ambience mixed with the Mexican aesthetic works really well. The artwork and decorations set the mood while the excellent customer service puts you at ease. At Arroyo Parkway Self Storage, we understand firsthand the importance of excellent customer service. While holding that value to such high esteem, we have nothing but respect when we see it displayed. The bar area has its own seating for when you want to loosen up after a long week at work. Ideally, you would show up with some good friends or family members to catch up and unwind.

Who Doesn’t Love Mexican Food

Anayas Restaurant, Pasadena CA

Since I was craving tacos, I ended up getting the plate of carnitas tacos. The plate came with sides of rice, beans, chips, and homemade salsa. The carnitas were everything I hoped for and more. They were the perfect combination of juicy and tender. When you throw in the mixture of rice and beans, the results are nothing short of exquisite. The tortillas on the tacos were nice and soft, so that really made the crunchiness of the chips stand out. All in all, I think it's safe to say that we will be coming back very soon for more!

Arroyo Parkway Self Storage

As I've mentioned, we have nothing but respect when we see awesome customer service being displayed. At Arroyo Parkway Self Storage, this is something that we take pride in. We are also constantly trying new and local places in Pasadena, so if you have a favorite one, please share it with us!

Anayas Restaurant
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Friday-Sunday: 9AM to 10PM

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