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Central Park Monument Sign

Central Park (Pasadena, CA)


Anybody who has seen any type of movies that are filmed or set in New York (or even visited) would think of Central Park as that wide open park in the heart of Manhattan and is the 5th largest park in the city. If you’re a native of Pasadena, however, we know Central Park as the quaint, neighborhood park. Here at Arroyo Parkway Self Storage, we take pride in what our city of Pasadena has to offer and the warm feeling our community brings. That's why this blog is going to be about one of the oldest gems of Pasadena.

Central Park, Pasadena CA

Though miniscule in size compared to New York City’s Central Park, our Central Park makes up for this. Pasadena's Central Park has a charm of its own. Connecting to Fair Oaks Avenue, Del Mar Blvd, and E. Dayton Street, Central Park has a long-standing history in the City of Pasadena. From the playground and sandbox that'll put a smile on any kid’s face to the winding path that is perfect for leisurely walking. This park is definitely a hotspot for the locals. It even has a small rose garden which is what Pasadena is all about!

Central Park, Pasadena CA

Originally established in 1902, Central Park was designed for tourists visiting the Hotel Green and passing through the Santa Fe Railroad Station. Nowadays, you'll see people using the benches to hang out with their friends, walk their dogs, or take a seat on the grass under the trees to enjoy their lunches. The vast grassy areas are also perfect for some recreational activities like throwing a Frisbee, football, or a baseball. The winding path is perfect for families with kids on bikes, scooters, and etc. It's an overall fun and relaxing environment. The trees, which are now over 100 years old, provide an abundant amount of shade for picnics with friends and family and are very majestic to look at due to their immense size. These trees are also home to many critters- namely squirrels. Everyone in Central Park are friendly that even the squirrels are not afraid to say hello and quench their curiousness.

Central Park, Pasadena CA

This park is a prime time spot for charity events like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 5k walk, Union Station Homeless Service Dinner at the Park, and etc. Central Park is also home to the Lawn Bowling Clubhouse. The club was established in 1921 and the clubhouse itself was built in 1929 due to the sheer popularity of the sport. In addition to the Lawn Bowling, the park is also home to a Croquet Club. So, for those who are into this sport or those who find it fascinating, this is the perfect place for you!

Central Park, Pasadena CA

Central Park was one of the two first parks made in Pasadena (the other being Pasadena Memorial Park). Though many people pass by it daily on their way to and from work, it's historical background and niche in the city of Pasadena is undeniable. Central Park has seen a lot over its lifetime and will surely continue to see a lot more in the future as the City of Pasadena continue to flourish. As a part of the community, we love to indulge ourselves in local parks and activities.

It has been proved that taking a leisurely walk can have great benefits not only physically but also mentally. So, for those who need to get out of their workspace or houses, this is the perfect place to be in order to unwind and just enjoy the beautiful City of Pasadena. After a tiring day moving into your storage unit at Arroyo Parkway Self Storage, why not visit our very own Central Park to pause and take a breath? It is a walking distance from the facility so you don't have to worry about parking. And because we strive to bring convenience to your life, make sure to give us a call for your storage needs!

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