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Superba in Pasadena

Superba in Pasadena is a Superb Place for a Nice Bite and Coffee


Since I am always on the run, I hate eating something heavy. I am always craving iced coffee and a good salad or healthy bowl for lunch so I don't feel heavy the whole day. On my way to visit Arroyo Parkway Self Storage, I drove by Superba, it caught my attention because underneath the business name was “snacks + coffee”, so I decided to drop in and see what it was all about.

This Pasadena location is open, modern, and cozy. I went during their lunch rush, so all tables were taken, but service was fast. Nice open airy dining area and clean. I placed my order at the counter, and they called my name when my order was ready. They offer a nice selection of coffees (hot, cold, teas and juices). The food menu varied from breakfast sandwiches to salad bowls, and they had some fresh pastries displayed on racks. They highlight they bake homemade madeleines daily, for those that have a sweet tooth!

Great Food!

I'm a sucker for iced drinks in general, but I LOVE iced coffee! I had to try their iced Spanish latte (I highly recommend this one!) The brew was sweet, but not too sweet with a bold coffee flavor. Bonus, it has a dash of cinnamon – YUM! Such a refreshing and different latte from the ones I've tried before. It gave me a boost of caffeine to feel energized without crashing later in the afternoon. They also have a mushroom latte which is something I'd be into trying! Let's see how that goes, next time.

Superba in Pasadena, CA

For lunch, I decided to try their al pastor crunch bowl with chicken. This was a great choice because it filled me up without feeling heavy and it's a healthy meal. The bowl came with black kale, iceberg lettuce, pulled chicken, black beans, sliced radishes, halved cherry tomatoes, queso fresco, cilantro, Peruvian corn nuts, topped with crispy tortilla strips. The bowl had a dressing that was an achiote vinaigrette and for the spicy palette, a jalapeno hot sauce (this was extremely mild, but tasty – so it may or may not satisfy the spicy lovers out there). This bowl was really refreshing and delicious.

Unfortunately, I had to take my meal to go. If I didn't get there during the lunch rush, I would have sat down at a table to eat my meal. The atmosphere was welcoming, bright, and airy. There were bistro style tables on the inside and outside and nice vibrant plants surrounding the restaurant. Service was quick and friendly.

Superba is Charitable

Superba in Pasadena, CA

During my purchase, I noticed a small bowl in front of the register with round wooden tokens with a letter “s” on them. When I asked what these were, the young women that took my order, explained that they will donate $50,000 at the end of June to be split among three charities, and the tokens are a way to make the customers be part of the decision-making process. Each charity will get something, but the charity with the most tokens will get the biggest share of the $50K. She pointed to three white jars sitting at another countertop for me to select the charity of my choice. I thought this was a great idea, so I took a token and made my selection for one charity, (which is not as easy as it sounds since they're all great choices). This seems to be what they're most proud of since they’ve given over $600K up to date to other organizations.

Arroyo Parkway Self Storage

Superba is a place that looks good, tastes good and feels good, because they do good for their community. I am happy to support this business. Since they are so conveniently close to Arroyo Parkway Self Storage; Superba is an ideal choice to grab a quick bite, (sweet, savory, or both), get caffeinated with a variety of coffee or juice drinks to help when you’re on the move or moving things in or out of your storage unit. Let's be real, not everyone likes to move, but it happens, and a good motivator is always some good food and a refreshing drink.

This local spot is easy to spot off the main street (Arroyo Parkway) and there's an adequate amount of parking spaces. It made my day to visit Superba, hopefully it makes yours too. They have other locations in Hollywood, North Hollywood, Pasadena, and Venice as well.

Fun fact: Arroyo Parkway Self Storage has a sign of Top 10 Places to visit in Pasadena and Superba is one of their highlighted places!

Superba in Pasadena, CA

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