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A & A Stepping Stone


There's a saying that's become popular, and it goes like this, "Not all who are wandering are lost; some are just looking for rocks." Of course, there are several ways this saying may apply. Maybe you're a person peacefully meandering down a path looking down to the left and the right, collecting stones along with way. You may be someone in rock climbing gear studying a map of Yosemite. Or you're someone about to delve into the adventure of transforming your outdoor surroundings into your own personal resort. Suppose you're in that third category, than you have to see what A & A Stepping Stone can do to take your vision from a dream to a dream come true. Read on to learn about Rocklin's premier outdoor design specialists. 

A & A Stepping Stone Rocklin

One Man's Dream

Keith Arellano, owner of A&A Stepping Stone, with a dream in his heart and an entrepreneurial spirit, began manufacturing stepping stones in his backyard for his little community of Auburn, California, in 1974. This was where A&A Stepping Stone was born. Once word got out about his creative masonry style, his business expanded to what it is today. A&A Stepping Stone went from a small backyard-based business in Auburn to an industry leader in Northern California and Nevada. Providing a full line of masonry and landscape materials, including block brick, interlocking pavers, natural flagstone, retaining wall systems, thin veneers, manufactured stone veneers, tools, and so much more, A & A Stepping Stone is amazing!

For anyone who lives in Placer County or several of its neighboring counties, A & A Stepping Stone is a household name as the place to go for everything from sidewalk pavers to the supplies for large-scale commercial projects. A & A Stepping Stone has a solid reputation for carrying a wide variety of materials at very competitive prices. As renowned experts in their industry, A & A Stepping Stone is not only able to provide excellent materials for the job at hand, but this is also a place that keeps up with what's currently trending. While some uses for outdoor space are timeless, such as swimming pools or other water features, different ways of using the space are becoming equally popular. One of those ways that's really hot right now is the outdoor kitchen (I know, this just called for a pun). Read on to learn about what makes modern outdoor kitchens so great.

Staying In is the New Going Out

Never before has so much been done in the history of homeownership to blend indoor and outdoor living spaces. Where once there was a distinct delineation between a home's indoor and outdoor livings paces, now outdoor spaces have the same standards for beauty and comfort as the interior space of a home. This is true not only in design aesthetics but in the functionality of a home's outdoor space. Experts state that today's outdoor living space isn't an enhancement to home but rather a part of the space used for everyday living. The anchor feature for these open-air, upscale living spaces is the outdoor kitchen. While at one time, cooking outdoors meant grilling meat on a barbeque, today's outdoor cooking space is as elegant as many indoor kitchens. Here are a few of the reasons experts believe this use of outdoor space is gaining in popularity. The first is that an outdoor kitchen increases a home's value by putting the house in line with trends in home remodels. In a recent survey done by the National Association of Realtors, potential home buyers stated they would be willing to buy a house at a premium price if it included an outdoor living area, especially a kitchen. As this information becomes widespread, homeowners who aren't in their "forever home" look to increase their home's resale value by installing outdoor kitchens. Nationally, outdoor kitchens return up to two hundred percent of the cost of installing them.

Enhancing outdoor spaces, especially with a kitchen, increases home size. Experts say that adding an outdoor kitchen adds functioning square footage without the same cost as adding onto the house itself. Outdoor kitchens don't need walls and often can be added to a space that already has a covered patio to keep the cost down even more. Another reason for the popularity of outdoor kitchens is that they're a way to spend more time outdoors in an environment designed to enhance wellbeing. Health experts advise that time spent in an outdoor setting increases well-being because of exposure to natural light, open-air, and the stimulation of being in nature.

Additionally, food prepared in outdoor kitchens invites grilling, which, generally speaking, is a healthier way to prepare food. Outdoor kitchens and their surrounding living space can accommodate more people when entertaining. They also decrease utility bills in the summer because less cooking happens indoors; therefore, kitchens aren't generating heat. Indoor cooking involves baking, frying, roasting, boiling, or broiling in the kitchen, increasing the heat in the house. The increased heat increases the home's temperature degree and results in the air conditioner kicking into overdrive. All the heat produced while cooking outdoors won't affect the functioning of the home's air conditioner. There are more reasons for the popularity of outdoor kitchens, but these are the top ones experts give. But outdoor kitchens are only as beautiful as the surroundings they're set in. A & A Stepping Stone's designers are experts at what it takes to create gorgeous outdoor spaces with, or without, an outdoor kitchen.

A & A Stepping Stone Rocklin

From Turf to Storm water

A & A Stepping Stone has everything needed to manage every aspect of creating the perfect outdoor living space. From synthetic turf to stormwater management, A & A Stepping Stone is always updating its supplies to keep up with the ever-changing trends of outdoor space use. Whether it's something as simple as installing a retaining wall to creating a brand new yard from start to finish, A & A Stepping Stone has all the supplies needed and provides the guidance to get your job done beautifully. No matter what you have in mind for your outdoor surroundings, please visit A & A Stepping Stone to see how easy it is to make your dream a reality. 

Self Storage Is Perfect For Remodels

Are you remodeling your home? Self storage is a great location to store your items to reduce clutter during the remodel. For example, if you're installing an outdoor kitchen (or another large outdoor project), you can keep your outdoor furniture in a self storage unit until your project is complete. No matter the size of your home project, self storage units ranging in size from 5x5 to 20x30 can be super helpful in keeping your items in a clean and dust-free location.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage

A & A Stepping Stone is just one of the many outstanding businesses in the Rocklin community. As your neighborhood self storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is proud to be part of such an incredible community and wants to do our part to support local businesses. We listen to what our customers tell us about their favorite things to do, restaurants to eat at, and of course, great places to shop. We love to share what we learn from others and welcome you to visit our state of the art, self storage facility. We're open and practicing social distancing, so please visit us and tell us what you love about living, working, and shopping in Rocklin. We hope to see you soon!

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