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Art Bistro Rocklin, CA

Art Bistro In Rocklin, CA is for All Artists (Our Review)


Hi Friends, One of the benefits of living in a diverse community is having choices for how you spend your time.   For example, you're a person who has committed to spending quality time with your friends at least once a month.  In Rocklin, you have lots of choices of how to do that so that you and your friends can always be changing it up.  Art Bistro is a great way to party with your peeps (wait, I bet no one says peeps anymore!) squad on your day out.  As a matter of fact, paint and sip venues have made a big change in the "gatherings party scene" and it's projected this type of venue is only going to keep increasing in popularity.  Art Bistro does an awesome job and paints a clear picture (oh oh, already with the puns?) on why this form of entertainment is hot right now.

Celebrate Fun and Beauty with Friends and Family.

Life balance is so important, isn't it? What you do for a living is important and rewarding, but it's what you balance work with that's even more important to your life.  Art Bistro is a place that is sure to give you a great way to unwind from work and have fun with the ones you love spending time with.  Art Bistro offers its customers a fun time that combines creating art with sipping wine, beer, soda and enjoying a delicious meal while you're at it.  You and your friends and family relax and have fun creating your masterpieces together and the beauty of it is that all the supplies, food and drinks are provided for you so all you do is sit down and have fun.  Here's how Art Bistro does it.

Art Bistro

From Solo to Guided Classes, It's All for Fun and Fun for All.

If you're like me, there are times when you want to create something  personal to give as a gift but either don't have the supplies or don't have the inspo (that's inspiration in art talk, not really but it should be).  No doubt, by the time you envision yourself shopping for what you need and clearing space in which to create it, you've lost some enthusiasm.  Well that never has to happen again with Art Bistro.  Any time it's open, you have access to a drop-in studio space to work on canvas painting, clay, painted pottery, mosaics, glass painting and etching as well as customizable wood signs!

That's just a start of what's so much fun here.  I'm going to confess, I'm a nut about doing things with a fun bunch of people.    Art Bistro offers guided classes that look AAAAMAAAZING!  You (and everyone you have fun with) choose a class to attend, register online for it, arrive at Art Bistro (with nothing but your hype for fun), choose seats, order food and drinks and then the magic happens!  Everyone gets to paint together with the help of a talented instructor.  See, it's sort of magical, isn't it?  You show up and everything is there so that all you do is create and have fun!  I bet you're itching to know what's available for you to try.  Check it out and prepare to be super excited.

Art Bistro Classes. 

Art Bistro Classes

You can find a calendar of Art Bistro's classes here: http://www.theartbistro.com/index.php/calendar.html

Costs Vary According to Your Masterpiece.

Now that you've probably found at least five things you want to do at Art Bistro (okay, speaking for myself, I found at least five things I want to do…before end of January), the cost varies according to those five things.  For example, the Paint Your Pet class (OMG!!! TOO FUN) will have you email a photo of your furred, finned or feathered best friend to Art Bistro.  Then they enlarge it onto a 12X16 canvas and you paint on the photo to give a painting that will REALLY look like your pet.  This type of class is a set cost ($55.00 at time of this writing).  But say you wanted to join in on one of the Wood Signs classes.  Well, that's going to vary in cost depending on which sign you choose. The cost of the class will be based on the project you choose to create. Makes sense to me.  As you'll see, other types of mediums are used for classes so it's truly a blank canvas (BAM!)  when it comes to your masterpiece.  

The Fun Never Stops!

So, get this, once again there's something really special about what a Rocklin venue has to offer.  Art Bistro is the only one of its kind in the whole Sacramento region that has a studio that is family friendly AND can host events for both adults and kids!  Whether it's a company party, a family gathering or a kid's birthday party, Art Bistro can accommodate your special occasion with group rates.  I tell you what, this place really does an amazing job at being as user-friendly as possible.   Their motto is "eat, drink, create" and they sure go a long way to make that happen.  

And Now the Bistro!

Art Bistro offers a pretty impressive selection of sips and eats featuring local craft beer, wine from No. California, non-alcoholic bevs, appetizers, salads, entrees, sweets and even a kid's menu. While you're having a great time with your friends and family, you order whatever you want from the menu and create away! 

The Rest of the Story.

Well, as I said before, if you’re like me, you're often in that predicament of so much to do and so little time to get a running start to do it.  Plus, you have people in your life you want to spend time with doing fun things and want to keep it as easy as possible.  These amazingly organized venues like Art Bistro help us out because all you do is register, show up and create.   Speaking of amazingly organized things, art may be a long-term hobby for you and you've outgrown your current art supply storage so here's an idea!  A self storage unit is THE perfect solution for hobbyist and professional artists.  At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, our units offer the perfect answer for safely storing your treasured art (and other hobby) supplies!  With the investment you've made in your art and craft supplies, you want to be sure they're well protected, organized and easily accessible.  Self storage is perfect for art and craft supplies and we'd love to show you how you can do it in the most affordable way possible.  Stanford Ranch Storage Solutions is opening very soon and we're eager to meet you so please stop by to see us!    

Art Bistro is located at 6848 Five Star Blvd #6, Rocklin, CA 95677. You can call them at: (916) 472-0252. Happy Creating!

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