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Bangkok City Thai Cuisine Rocklin, CA

Bangkok City Thai Cuisine (Our Review Rocklin, CA)


You know that thing that happens when you’re in the mood to eat somewhere that is your go-to place but just different enough that it's a bit special? But when that mood is accompanied with just enough "yes but" thoughts, you eventually create a cycle that causes you to give up and just eat at home, right? Well, wipe that cycle off your list of things that keep happening because Bangkok City Thai Cuisine is in your neighborhood! You'll quickly become a big fan of this truly amazing restaurant and the cycle of "yes but, should I, shouldn't I" will be a thing of the past. Before I give you reasons to take your appetite and head for Bangkok City Thai Cuisine, I want to share an interesting fact I just learned about the popularity of Thai food in the United States.

Thai Food Restaurants Numbers

Thai restaurants are everywhere in America. While it's undeniable that Mexican and Chinese restaurants might be more plentiful, there are demographic reasons that explain the proliferation of these cuisines. It's no surprise these cuisines have been woven into American's popular food choices, as evidenced by the fact that there are over 54,000 Mexican food restaurants in the United States. With over 36 million Mexican-Americans in the United States, statistics like that make sense. However, in contrast, there are now an estimated 5,342 Thai restaurants in the United States but only 300,000 Thai-American people; that's ten times the population-to-restaurant ratio. Gives you food for thought, doesn't it? Okay, that was an easy pun target but totally worth it. Now here's why Bangkok City Thai Cuisine is your next favorite restaurant!

Food is always freshly prepared and reliably great!

According to the cuisine industry’s standards, Thai food is supposed to be simple a combination of Eastern and Western influences. The combination is supposed to contain sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy flavors working together to make the dish come alive. I'd say that Bangkok City Thai Cuisine meets those standards very nicely! From the first bite of a fresh spring roll to the last sip of the Thai tea, everything is to die for! It's one of those restaurants where the food ingredients that are supposed to be crunchy always are and the ones that are supposed to be light and savory are that too! Each type of texture is maintained to perfection with nothing under or overdone. The same is true for the heat factor of the food's spice levels. For example, when you want something that's of medium heat in terms of how spicy it is, you can count on that amount of spiciness to always be the same with each dish. But wonderful food is only one part of the thing that creates a favorite restaurant, right?

Customer Service

A proper Thai meal consists of soup, a curry dish with condiments or spiced salad and, of course, a main dish. Ideally, there is to be harmonious tastes and textures throughout the entire meal. Now all that can happen beautifully but is ruined if the wait staff isn’t knowledgeable or attentive. Well, at Bangkok Thai Cuisine, you get the best of everything. The excellent food is accompanied by equally excellent service and it’s always that way. Each time I've eaten here, I'm impressed by how friendly the waitstaff is and how excellent the food is. And each time I've eaten here, the owner is present. You can tell he's very proud of his establishment and always asks if everything is to the customer's satisfaction. I don't know about you but I'm always more inclined to come back to a place that has the owner's personality reflected in the surroundings. It speaks to pride of ownership and a willingness to be behind what he or she is sharing with others. That's the feeling I get at Bangkok City Thai Cuisine. With the owner often visiting tables to check on his customers' satisfaction, it's a great sign that things will go right in all aspects of the dining experience.

Tranquility Served Along with Food.

There's never any doubt that the restaurant's food must be the main feature for customers to return. But when all variables in a restaurant are excellent, that's very noteworthy. In entering Bangkok City Thai Cuisine, you feel as if you've stepped into a place that specializes in tranquility. From the muted tones of the décor to the quietly efficient way in which the waitstaff serve customers, you can't help but feel encouraged to relax and enjoy yourself. And if you're in the mood for entertainment with your dinner, there is live music by local artists offered on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

The Talk Around the Town.

I think it's a safe bet that all of Rocklin's restaurants are accounted for on Yelp. It's also safe to say that most people will consult Yelp when considering a new restaurant. In the case of Bangkok City Thai Cuisine, I was advised personally to try it so I didn't consult Yelp first. However, once I had gone there the first time, I wanted to see if my experience was unique or if others felt this place was equally as incredible as I found it to be. Well, here's what I discovered! Bangkok City Thai Cuisine is highly rated on Yelp since 2006! I think that's pretty remarkable. Others commented on the same things I found to be true. The food is amazing, the customer service is great and Bangkok City Thai Cuisine is consistently that way with each visit. By the way, several of these reviews mentioned that the customer was coming from the Sacramento area just to eat at Bangkok City Thai Cuisine so I always consider that to be an even bigger deal. Okay, now let's talk about favorite dishes.

Yes, You Can Play Favorites!

When it comes to a place like Bangkok City Thai Cuisine, it's really hard to say what dish is my favorite. On one day, you may be in the mood for something traditional Pad Ka Prao (Thai Basil) with your choice of either tofu, chicken, pork, beef, prawns, calamari or scallops sautéed with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, Thai Basil leaves and garlic sauce. Another day, you may want a chef's specialty like Panang Salmon which is fresh Atlantic salmon grilled and placed on a bed of steamed asparagus spears and covered with Panang curry. Finding a favorite may take you a while because there are so many traditional dishes to choose from and the chef does an incredible job of adding her own signature specialties that are unbelievably creative. My favorite that I can't resist is the Pad Preow Wan (Thai Sweet and Sour). I sometimes have chicken and other times go for prawns which both go really well with sautéed onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, snow peas all lightly covered in a sweet and sour sauce. Now I'll be honest, I'm a food-passer-by-voyeur. So, while I can't claim to have tried everything on the menu, I stare at each plate that goes by me on its way to other customers, they all look amazing!!!

Moving and Self Storage Can Be Tiring - Treat Yourself To Bangkok City

Let's face it, moving can be tiring. No matter how well it goes, especially when you use Stanford Ranch Self Storage for all your self storage needs, you and your moving crew are wiped out and ready for a treat. Treat yourselves to Bangkok City Thai Cuisine and put it on your list of new favorite places. Don't forget to visit us when you've tried it and tell us about your own experience. As your neighborhood self storage facility, we're always interested in hearing about the experience others have had with our favorite places.

Happy Thai-ing to you.

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