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Bark Avenue (We Love Rocklin, CA)


Pet owners, or guardians as we often consider ourselves, are often people who want nothing but the best for our beloved pets. If you're like me, I want to shop in a place that gives me the confidence that I'm buying wholesome products from knowledgeable people. To experience that for yourself, go to Bark Avenue in Rocklin. This pet supply store deserves to be considered the Park Avenue of pet stores because it is the gold standard of its kind.

Read on to learn all about the benefits of shopping at Bark Avenue.

Bark Avenue Rocklin CA

Healthful Food Equals Healthy Pets

Experts in the field of pet health all agree that the quality of food you feed your pet directly influences everything about them. While Bark Avenue has food for more than just dogs, I'll focus on dogs for now. The food you choose impacts your dog's level of satiety, weight, muscle health, and energy level. Bark Avenue's origins date back to the owner's desire to help their own dog with some health conditions. Their research led them to their mission of assisting others in shopping for nutritional, safe, and affordable pet food. In 2007, they opened their first store in El Dorado Hills and opened the Rocklin location in 2013. Bark Avenue is a trusted source for excellent pet supplies at an affordable price.

Helpful Associates Equals Happy Customers

Among the many things I appreciate about Bark Avenue is the knowledgeable store associates. I've been a Bark Avenue shopper for many years and have always been welcomed warmly into the store, asked if I need help, and, when required, have been helped in a way that made me feel understood and heard. The associates are trained in holistic pet nutrition as well as all other aspects of pet needs. Like many pet guardians, I often feel I sound neurotic because of the number of questions I have or the amount of information I give when talking about my pets. Sound like anyone you know? If that's you, rest assured because Bark Avenue is just the place for people like us. At Bark Avenue, I appreciate that every associate is easy to talk to and has never made me feel as if I'm over the top with my concerns. In fact, they often have a story or two of their own and make recommendations based on lived experience. My pet guardian's heart is at home at Bark Avenue.

Bark Avenue Rocklin CA

Handy Grooming Equals Harmonious Bathing

Bark Avenue is a place where pet guardians find everything needed to make their furred friend's life a good one inside and out. When attending to the outside, there's more than one way to do it. Bark Avenue offers full-service grooming as well as the Barkwash experience. The Barkwash provides pet guardians with everything needed to bathe their pet easily, comfortably, and safely. Everything needed for a great experience is provided (except a brush) without a time limit per wash session. This includes shampoo, towels, endless warm water, aprons, and blow dryers. The bathtubs are waist-high, so pet guardians are as comfortable as their furry friends. Each Barkwash session is $15.00, and for those wanting limitless Barkwashes per month, there's Unlimited Wash for $45.00 per month. This includes unlimited washing for up to two dogs per month.

Speaking of washing, on my last visit to Bark Avenue, I wanted to try a shampoo for my two frequent shedders. Did I say frequent? I meant constant. Both my little furry friends have the talent of shedding twelve months of the year. I asked the Bark Avenue associate if she knew of any shampoo designed to minimize dog shedding. She not only made the recommendation of a great product, but she also said it's the shampoo used by Bark Avenue's professional groomers and the one the store can't keep in stock because it's so popular. I'm happy to say the helpful associate was right, and my little furry friends seem to have much less shedding these days.  

There's so much more at Bark Avenue than food, treats, and grooming. Bark Avenue has a vast selection of toys, everything you need to keep your furry friend safe in the water and on the pavement. Should your pet need specialty skincare, insect repellent or other types of first aid products, Bark Avenue associates can help you find the perfect solution for your situation. It's safe to say that Bark Avenue caters to everything you need for your furry friend. To see why, make Bark Avenue your next pet supply shopping destination.

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Rocklin has the best in class in so many of its shops, restaurants, and services. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we understand that it’s crucial to find an excellent source of pet care supplies like Bark Avenue when you’re new to town. We want to make moving to a new area as easy as possible by sharing what we know about Rocklin's great community. Would you mind coming by our state of the art, self storage facility and telling us about your favorite Rocklin gems? Stanford Ranch Self Storage is open and practices social distancing. We hope to see you soon!

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