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Barnburner Cafe Sign Rocklin, CA

Barnburner Cafe (Rocklin, CA)


When typing the words, "places to eat near me," you're in luck if you're one of the fortunate people who live in the beautiful Rocklin Community. If you're looking for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, you have a hidden gem in your backyard that I highly recommend. Barnburner Café is a must-try for anyone who loves everything great about brunch. Read on to see what makes Barnburner Café outstanding!

What's Hot About Barnburner Café

A sure sign of a great business is when you see it buzzing with patrons no matter what time of the day or day of the week you visit. Before hitting it right, it took my husband and me two tries to get into this exciting Rocklin eatery. Our persistence paid off because Barnburner Café is one of our new favorite eateries!  In addition to the wonderful food, which I'll discuss in a minute, it is an exciting place to eat. A beautiful blend of a kick-back country with city buzz supports this café's name. After all, the urban use of barnburner refers to an exciting match that evokes much interest, engagement, and excitement. Whether you're seated in the outdoor patio or indoors, you have an experience that contains all the right elements to make for a fun meal, especially brunch.

In addition to décor that's so well done, it's a pleasure to sit and look around while savoring your meal; the outdoor patio is designed for relaxation, including canine diners. Yes, there's a menu for those with their four-legged companions along for the meal. And what a great meal it is for all! Read on to hear what people are saying about this exciting Rocklin restaurant!


I'm sure if Jimmy Buffet had one more cocktail-inspired song to write, it'd be about the infamous Mimosa cocktail. And should Jimmy need inspiration for that song, Barnburner Café's Mimosas would really hit the spot. The day we visited, the menu dedicated to this lively libation contained several choices such as pog grapefruit, chipotle sour, strawberry banana, lemon blueberry, and peach lavender! Of course, the classic orange mimosa was also available. While I didn't get a chance to try my own, I did chat with other patrons who said that the Barnburner Café's mimosa is the best in the area. That's quite a compliment, considering how crowded the competition is for the number one mimosa spot is in this community.

After hearing several fellow patrons describe what they liked at the Barnburner Café version of a mimosa, I was thirsty for mimosa information in general. Where did this delightful drink originate, and why is it so popular? Here are just a few facts about this popular brunch beverage. As usual, there's more than one explanation for the mimosa's roots. One popular answer is that it was invented in 1921 at a famous London club. It appears as if those frequenting The Buck's Club preferred to have a good reason for inviting cocktail hour to start before lunch. Starting with orange juice and adding something lightly festive (champagne), this drink was called The Buck's Fizz.

There are other claims for the mimosa's origin., It's said that a more diluted version of The Buck's Fizz was created in the Ritz Hotel in Paris and that it is that drink that became what we now know of as mimosa. Yet another claim is that the mimosa was created by Sir Alfred Hitchcock in San Francisco. While this explanation can't be verified, there is no doubt that Sir Hitchcock made the drink popular in the U.S. and the brunch staple we know today. It is believed that the name for this drink is derived from the yellow-flowered mimosa plant, Acacia dealbata.  But great mimosas aren't the only thing creating a buzz; the food at Barnburner Café is deliciously creative, fresh, innovative, and beautiful.

Bacon, Burgers, and Bust a Grub

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for great coffee and always give significant shout-outs to any restaurant that serves my favorite drink at its best. Barnburner Café will even start you off with a delicious cup of coffee while you wait to be seated.  In addition to the coffee being great, the food is the best in class! Which class, you might ask? The top of the class, of course!

One of the things I love about discovering a new local restaurant is seeing what other patrons order and asking them about their experience. Here are just a few of the favorites, but please note these are just a few of the several comments I heard regarding Barnburner Café. The "Not Your Average Band Wagon" includes candied bacon and poached eggs layered on top of tater tots and drizzled with creamy hollandaise sauce is a signature dish favorite. Another favorite is the Angel Food Cake French Toast. This dish is as light, fluffy, and whimsical as you would hope for anything made with angel food cake. It's angel food cake dipped in vanilla custard and topped with fresh fruit and cream. You'll be on cloud nine when your meal arrives, no matter which dish you choose, but this one is definitely indescribable.  There are vegetarian choices on the menu and many bacon-centric dishes, including "Bust a Grub," which is a bacon sampler along with eggs, biscuits, and a selection of biscuits and gravy, French toast, tater tots, parmesan home fries, or fresh fruit. Please do yourself a huge favor and try those parmesan home fries even if you don't Bust a Grub.

Of course, no discussion for a magnificent local eatery would be complete without quickly mentioning the burgers. Barnburner Café has hamburgers that satisfy even the pickiest burger fan in town. The Benedict Burgers is a burger with bourbon jam, gouda cheese, and a poached egg served on an oil-topped burger bun. The Totcho Burger includes chorizo, loads of cheese, crumbled hickory bacon, guacamole, and fresh pico. I probably don't need to go on to convince you burgers also rule at Barnburner Café. Everything is the best in class for what it is. From traditional breakfast dishes to signature ones, you will come away with a very satisfied palate, a full stomach, and food to take home when you eat at Barnburner Café. Please visit this hidden gem to see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

Stanford Ranch Self Storage is honored to be a member of the Rocklin community. When we learn about places that are best in their class, such as Barnburner Café, we're excited to tell everyone about it. Because it's places like Barnburner Café that help make Rocklin such a special place to live and work. Like Barnburner Café, Stanford Ranch Self Storage offers the best in class for everything you want in a self-storage facility. Please come by and see how we can provide you with the best self-storage experience in the area.

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